Rejection always gives pain. When you get prepared for a particular post of a particular company, that is for your dream job, and get rejected from there, the pain is beyond imagination.

Rejection is a normal part of everyone’s life. Sometimes it came through email or phone calls. Sometimes the Recruitment Agencies remain silent to let you know that they are not interested.

True, it’s harder to accept the negative response. But to sit idle for long hours and think about the rejection, might not give you the job back. So don’t let the gloominess of rejection shade your thought for longer. Rather use the refusal positively to build your career. 

Here we will discuss some tips to make rejection your weapon to win over the failure.

Ask the Reason for Rejection

If any company rejects you by any e-mail or any phone call, ask them the reason.   Is it your lack of experience or qualification? Or they are looking for some special skill for the specific post. Don’t hesitate to ask them whether you do any mistakes in the interview or not. 

The first and foremost positive aspect of getting a rejection is that you can learn from the failure and make yourself even a better candidate.

Another good side is that when you ask a question the interviewer may give you some positive feedback add on with some tips that will make you a rather gainer than a failure. 

If they remain silent after the interview, ask them when the result may come. 

Work on the Weak Point

Once you gathered all the information, don’t waste time. Do whatever is necessary to shine. If you lack any quality, work on that. If they need something more, work on that too. Polish yourself to get a better opportunity. Use all the tips the interviewer gives you so that when you re-apply for the post, they will surely notice the changes in you.

Focus on your Strength

You know what are your strength. While working on the weak point, don’t ignore your strength. Work on both your weak points and your strength, to get better offers and opportunities. Make a note containing both the points. Then, make a curriculum on how to work on both to be the best.

Don’t Stick on any Particular Job Option

When searching for jobs, don’t stick to any particular company or post. Apply for more. Don’t refuse if you get any call from any other recruiter than your dream job. Opportunity brings more options. So, don’t stick to any one option. If you get a better chance then jump over it. To get the dream job, you have to make the way. Joining any other job is the right path which will bring your dream closer to you. Consult with the Placement Companies for getting better options.

Be Positive

When you got rejected, it is obvious that a feeling of failure shade over you. But don’t let the shade cover you for long. Don’t think that opportunity comes to an end. Rather tell yourself that it is the starting. Remember, all wells that end well. So stay positive you are going to rock on. Self-confidence is very necessary for a good thing to happen.

Keep the communication open

After getting rejected from a company people generally don’t apply to the same. Be exceptional. ask them the reason behind rejection. After getting the feedback don’t forget to say “thanks for your feedback”. These small doings will show your interest and gratitude. This will help your recruiter remember you while applying further for the same or any other post of the same company. There is also a chance that they will call you for an interview for some other opening. 

Make changes

If the interview panel or the recruiter gives you the reason for the rejection, it became easy to work on it. but in any case, you don’t get the feedback, bring some changes to your CV or your behavior. Small changes in   CV, or choosing the color of clothes for an interview, or change the way you introduce yourself will bring a big change in your career graph. So, don’t sit idle after getting a rejection. buff up yourself to shine better.  You may take professional help to groom yourself in a better way or to make your CV look professional. Consult with Placement Firms for betterment.

Keep the Search Mode on

It is a very common scene that after getting rejected people to lose all enthusiasm to apply for any other job. Don’t do this. Keep your searching mode on so that a new opportunity comes to knock at your door. You can apply to the same company for any other post or the same post. So that they could call you when a post gets emptied. Or maybe get a far better option that will change your life. The Recruiting Agencies will help you to get better opportunities.

Make Personal Development Plan

Getting rejected is an awful feeling. It’s really hard to recover from the pain. So to boost up yourself you can join classes to enrich your qualities. It will help you in two ways. Firstly it adds to your qualities, secondly, you hardly get any time to mourn over the rejection. Join any crockery class or meditation program will also work in that case. Yoga is also a good option to refresh yourself. In a word keep yourself busy in some positive ways will remove your gloominess and help you to start a new.

More Reasons to get rejection

  • There may be any other person who is more educated/ experienced or qualified than you. 
  • You may apply for the wrong post which is not meant for you.
  • Your CV may look clumsy and not clear.
  • You may lack the experience asked for.
  • You may ask for more salary, which they are not able to pay.
  • Maybe you have crossed the date asked to submit your application. 
  • Maybe you lack the punctuality they are searching for. 
  • Your cover letter may not sufficient.
  • You may not give all the necessary information.
  • The company may search for a local candidate.
  • The recruiters nowadays poke into your social media behavior. So be aware of your social media improvement.

To Conclude with

Rejection is a normal course of life. Your reaction to the same is the thing that varies. Every rejection, be it personal or professional, give you a lesson. It’s up to you how you use it for the betterment of your career.

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