Recruitment in times of COVID-19

Global spread of COVID-19 is an unforeseen and unexpected situational crisis that has not only posed a challenge to human’s health but also led to economic crises. Although the ‘Lockdown’ strategy has been identified as an immediate and accepted source of tackling this endemic but this has definitely challenged industrial growth. Here, companies as social stakeholders are pushed to adopt and open themselves to measures that offer stability to their operations, does not generate employees’ vulnerabilities and maintain their position as a socially responsible citizen.


The Work From Home has never been a new concept in the era of digitalization. Work from home have always been a key morale booster for employees in different organizations. However, partial or flexi-hour working has been prevalent and commonly practiced. Work from home is defined as work that is performed from a different location mainly home from office that enables workers to access to their labor activities by the use of information and communication technologies.