With our increasing dependency on digital medium text messages have become a popular means of communication. The companies also use this medium to find out their potential applicants. 

The recruiters keep their potential candidates aware of job openings, recruiting events, and the steps of the hiring processes. Thus, text messaging makes the recruitment procedure easier for both the service provider and the candidates.

Text recruitment becomes more popular because:

  • It takes lesser time to inform the applicants.
  • It takes no time to inform the applicants that the service provider needs to talk with you.
  • Allows the applicants to share their inconvenience if any and also their convenient time to the recruiter.
  • More than 50% of the world’s population uses mobile. So it is easy to reach the potential candidates.

But sometimes this popular and easier medium becomes a liability due to some mistakes from both sides. We will discuss the mistakes to avoid the liabilities.

Common Mistakes that Make Text Recruiting Tools a Burden:

Companies send information to their potential candidates the same way e-mail can be sent. But the difference is the people often forgot to check the e-mail inbox whereas they frequently check the text messages. That is why sometimes text recruitments became a liability for both of them. The mistakes that make the text recruiting a burden are as follows.

  • Sending unnecessary texts

There is a difference between getting text messages telling you about job vacancies and spam text messages. People don’t like to get spam messages. If anyone constantly gets spam messages from any particular number they may block the number and the recruiters may lose a potential candidate.

So it is better to categorize your potential candidates. Thus, while sending mass messages, you may easily reach your targeted group. In a word, there is a difference between targeted customers and targeted candidates. Try not to mix them up. If you choose Recruitment Agencies for the same, try to clear this point to them.

  • Sending text without the consent

Before thinking about text recruiting you should study carefully the text messaging laws of the concerned country. Sending messages to fulfill your business purpose, to someone without his/her consent is a punishable offense in many countries. You can send marketing strategies only when the customer gives you their number in any previous purchase.

The same applies to in-text recruiting. So make sure to take the candidate’s consent before texting him/her. Now you may wonder how to take the consent

Well, you must have to publish an advertisement telling that you are going to recruit for various wonderful posts through text. If anyone is interested he/she should go to your website and fill up the consent form. Thus you will be able to avoid unnecessary legal problems. And overall you will be a gainer as you will also get your target candidates much easier. 

  • Sending unnecessary wordy and clumsy messages

As you are recruiting candidates for your company it is better to be official. While you are texting, remember that the candidates need information clear and to the point. Try to put all the necessary information. You have only 160 characters. Utilize them to their fullest. No needs to send a decorated message rather make it shorter. 

Positively give a URL Make the beginning attractive and transparent so that they feel interested to open the URL. The Recruiting Firms tend to send elaborate messages with ornamented wordings. Stop them from doing that. Short sentences with clear wordings will serve your purpose. Remember to keep transparency. That will increase the attraction surely.

  • Not respecting other’s time by sending messages at inappropriate hours.

As you are sending official messages, try to do it officially. Time, in that case, plays an important role. Send messages during office hours only. Official messages during personal hours may make the candidates reluctant and annoyed about your company. 

So, to get the full attention of your candidates try to send messages during office hours. When they are in work mode they will surely answer your text. Don’t send texts on weekends. No one may bother to answer work-related texts while they are relaxing. 

Another negative effect of sending text beyond office hours is that they may assume that they have to work overtime, which may not attract them much. The best time to send a text is from 12.00 to 15.00. It is the time when people are at work and will do everything work-related. 

  • Not keeping a formal register for text messages

While using text messages as recruiting medium, the recruiters want to create a friendly atmosphere. It is quite a good attempt to attract young candidates. But, the problem lies in becoming friendlier. 

Remember that you may become co-workers. Stop asking too private questions. Be professional while asking a question. This may give the wrong perception about your company. Also, it may make them irritated.

Using emojis is fine. But restrict the usage. Try to make your text translucent, avoid using the abbreviation. Keep your tone official.

If you are chatting over text remember to talk about work-related topics. You don’t get into the unofficial conversation. Neither allows the candidates to talk about personal matters.

Always maintain the line of professionalism and friendliness. 

  • Sending too many texts

Many recruiters send too many messages. This may annoy the candidates. True you should give all information to the candidate. One of the benefits of text recruitment is that the potential candidates get more time to get familiar with the company. 

But when you send too many massages in a short time, it may show that you are pushing them through your process which may turn to negative results

To avoid this inconvenience you should maintain a minimum time gap between two massages. You can do it better by managing your SMS by using the text recruiting app. It scheduled sequences of text messages. 

To  End up with

Text recruiting is becoming more popular in the last few years. The reason behind this popularity is that it has benefits for both the parties, the recruiter and the candidates. The recruiter gets to choose their potential candidates and the candidates get an opportunity to prove themselves. The companies now start to appoint Recruitment Companies to do this more accurately. But no procedure can be flawless so is text recruiting. But if you maintain some rules and convey the same to your appointed recruitment firms, you could explore all the positive aspects of this type of recruitment policy. This article will help to deduct the tiny mistakes that make this procedure a liability. 

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