In this hyper connected world HR agencies & placement consultants are coping up from the traditional ways to the trendy ones to pick up the best talent in the market because the wrong hiring cost is not something that the recruiters are willing to face. When recruiting keep in mind companies long term goal, strategy & budget allocation.

As hard it is for the recruiters the applicant is equally agonized to go through the entire recruitment process. So the entire recruitment & selection criteria is very crucial for both the parties. Recruitment has evolved from offline to more of online mode as everything is now just a click away & is more cost saving.

Some of the ways in which technology has changed recruitment are:

SOCIAL MEDIA: A generation where everything is about posting, social media is the best way to grab their attention and approach them in the fastest way. Some of the commonly used social media for jobs are:





VIDEO RESUMES: Gone are the days of paper born resumes, most of the companies have moved to accepting video applicants in which a short self-introduction video is required to be posted by the applicant compiling of

-tell me something about yourself?

-strengths & weakness.

-why should you be selected.

NETWORKING: Maintaining & connecting is the best way for recruitment the recruiters need to be updated in such a way that they are connected with the millennial & are able to attract them to the company. Placement agencies are the best example of using networking.

REFERRALS: All this hype of social media has made it easy for the recruiters to pitch various applicants who either they know personally or are a 2nd or 3rd connection of one of their known. This saves the entire process of advertising & communicating formally.