“40 percent of the HR functions of international companies are currently using AI-applications. One form of AI — robotic process automation – uses AI to automate business processes to human-like efficiency and effectiveness, making workers more productive.”

- Artificial Intelligence in HR: a No-brainer, PwC

The moment smart robotics was invented the first thought processed in mind was human are going to be replaced by robots. To one extend this has become true as well, where some of the tasks have been completely acquired by robots and further innovations are being  done to improve the integration of robots with humans. This is being considered as Fourth Industrial Revolution where robotic process are improving human enhancement and assistance.

The same alliance can be seen in recruitment also where some of the activities are robotic driven. Where relation of man with machine have reached cloud computing that is data is directing human actions. Companies are using robotic and AI extracted data to calculate the competencies of candidates and their contribution in business.

Other than candidate insights talent intelligence is also able to extract details that give further supports to companies and recruiters about their hiring trends and strategies. Some of them are:-

Chat Bots: the most common form of robot that we are seeing are chat bots. They are helpful in building the first level of communication with candidates. Not only this they extract the level of alignment that the candidates holds with the organization but vice a versa as well. Beyond building communication they also speed up the interview process where they take up the role of a recruiter and assess a candidate potential for the job.

  • Increasing People Analytics: Mathematical algorithms are involved to reach the unconscious level of information so that behaviour and psychological analytics of the candidate can be done. Not only for the candidates but also for the employees it helps in analyzing their day to day routine, productivity and transactions.
  • Application Tracking System: Artificial intelligence has definitely been a boon in the area of ATS where from application screening to interview and finally onboarding has been managed by robotic process. Star ranking a candidate on the skills, experience, education, industry expertise and CTC are some features which are being undertaken by robotic process.
  • Internal Mobility & Job Matching: Current talent pool at the company itself ensures progression, positive culture and employee retention. Robots can be extensively used for assessing existing skills, strength and career ambitions for internal transition of employees.
  • Reviving Passive Candidates: Every day we are dealing with numerous candidates who become passive for us. Not because they are not looking for opportunities but sometimes an opportunity beyond their experience is not made available to them. However artificial intelligence calculation provides quantified job matching data so that passive candidates are also revived.