If you do not have job satisfaction on your current job, then it is very difficult for you concentrate on your job role. It is very important to have job satisfaction and this will lead to a better work life. You need to really follow your satisfaction level and this will give you excellent service. So, you should always look into the core values of your job role because this will actually give you a better way to understand your job and help you to give 100% satisfaction on your job. This will actually fulfil your desire and you need to understand what are your work values.

Values are basically your ideas and beliefs that you need to preserve and these values will guide you to take actions. Honesty, self respect, peace, service, empathy and success are the work values that one should follow to the job. It will help them to grow and in a way it will create impact on your personal image. Hence, it is really important to maintain these challenging work and one should definitely find a great result. So, you should know the difference between the intrinsic and extrinsic work values:

In intrinsic value, one has to focus on actual task, take the challenge of the job, help others and be a leader. In extrinsic value, one can include job security, earnings and recognition. To determine your work value, you need to use a tool that will actually help you understand what are the work value tools. They are really good and effective to make you understand what are your work values.

Achievement– Do the work that will give result.
Independence– work and make decision on your own.
Recognition–  Receive attention for your work.
Relationship– keep good relationship with colleagues.
Support– good and supportive management team.
Working condition– work environment with positive attitude.
Job security– probability that one remain employed at office.
Compensation– receive good amount of payment.
Creativity– using own ideas.
Artistic expression– express one’s talent at work.
Influence– ability to convince your ideas to others.

When you pass through Recruitment and Selection process, you need to focus on these work values because they will shape you as a work professional and in a way, it will give you the confidence to work and fulfil your requirement to work these values are really important for you to grab the attention and enjoy your professionalism to the best.