Traditionally, hiring process of recruiting companies starts with creating job descriptions, sorting through applications, setting up interviews and ultimately selecting the best suitable profile for the job. Although in the current job market, picking up right candidate profile from piles of candidatures is not easy. Even the automated job application systems seem to take recruitment process to a black hole. Then, what you should do before your organization go the way of dodo bird?

Firstly, stop crawling through the wreckage of the busted recruiting process of olden days!

And secondly, buckle up to embrace the new hiring trends before time!

Significantly, recruitment industry is gearing up for the futuristic hiring process that is equipped with virtual reality simulations, artificial intelligence, no paper resumes and video marketing. Furthermore, assessing candidate’s skills and experiences would never be same as olden days. The continuous advancement in technology will surely change the traditional approach of recruitment process. Here are the three major hiring trends that we are looking forward in 2019 and beyond.

Go Green Recruiting with No Paper Resumes

The application process of tomorrow is going to lead by the Go green flagship coupled with advanced technology. To eliminate the paper resumes LinkedIn and video resumes are already leading as latest marketing documents for candidates. Also, this trend demonstrates the candidate’s understanding of current hiring trends along with his/her ability to use keywords to come in radar of recruiters. More upon it, internet as a holistic medium is going to take front seat in driving candidate’s self-marketing as ideal candidate.

Entering Of Virtual Reality/ VR

Sidelining the regular situational interview questions to access the response of candidate, the idea of putting the person in VR simulations, will be great to know the actual responses. Furthermore, this trend will enter from the both side of hiring process to provide scope for individuals to excel skills, experiences, and abilities.

Sensing Candidate’s Integrated Personality

Indeed skills, experiences and results are important aspects of selecting a candidate. Though, finding a fit lead in terms of employer and employees is not limited to above listed aspects. The recruitment process is going to define new parameter of ‘perfect fit for profile’ with candidate’s personality. For satisfaction of both employee and employer, assessing the vibrant colors of one’s personality is important. Future of hiring is hopeful to get flair of personalities through stories expressed in form of words on various online and embedded mediums.

Gear Up To Embrace Technological Advancements – The Leading Trendsetter In Recruitment Industry

Altogether, the redefining process of recruitment has many challenging fields to explore while technological advancement will always remain in center.

High impact hiring will benefit savvy job seekers who have already adapted their profiles for AI platforms.

Also, with special skills in demand the process of hiring will get tougher for recruiting companies.