When it comes to trust whether in personal or in professional life it holds equal importance. If you don’t trust your employees why recruit them at first place. The entire recruitment & selection process would be a waste if the employees don’t retain. Sitting on top of their heads & screaming won’t motivate them or increase their productivity but will only give them more reasons for not sticking.

Being the best is built on relationships. Relationships between employers and employees, staff and customers, internal stakeholders and external stakeholders all these are intertwined by trust. Without trusting one another the ability to come to an agreement or consensus on an issue is always going to be compromised.

The HR function of a global organization can play a significant role in developing the trust strategy to create a more committed, engaged, and aligned workforce. As building trust is a to & fro communication that happens between the organization & employees.

How to build trust in workplace?

  • Allow the employees to take part in decision making process, empower them.
  • Keep the process transparent to them so they know nothing is being hidden from them.
  • Create a feedback mechanism maybe once a month or twice a week so that they know that they are important to the organization.    
  • Communication is the key to everything engage with your employees to understand their needs and what they want more & how can it be implemented.
  • Give them slightly more freedom so that they know that you are putting your faith into them.

If an organization is able to generate the feeling of trust between their employees a number of benefits can be seen:

  • Increased productivity
  • Work more effectively
  • Quick decision making
  • Retention of employees.