The success of a company’s objectives is determined by its workforce, management board and corporate culture. The highlight that is making rounds in the global corporate arena is that baby boomers or the generation X are on the brink of retirement. This opens up the opportunity for millennial or the generation Y to take over management responsibilities. While there are certain concerns regarding their style of management and strategic planning, the segment is the best source of potential leaders. Also coincidentally, new professionals from this generation are looking for leadership roles than just a comfortable desk job with a hefty compensation. They want to utilize their pattern of innovative thinking for creative decision-making.

Many a time, during the normal recruiting process GlobalHunt India Pvt Ltd recruiting consultants also face situations where candidates are not ready to comprise on their leadership responsibilities which a new job may not provide. So it becomes essential to scrutinize such capabilities to recruit and manage such potential leaders for the company’s long-term growth. There are certain ways of doing so.

  • Employee performance tracking is essential towards analysing the growth. But the analysis of potential leaders demands more. One needs to look ahead of the performance criteria. Analyses of behavioural pattern, problem solving ability, overall potential are some of the pointers to look out for. These criteria makes a leader stand out in the crowd of normal employees.
  • The level of engagement is a good way to detect leadership abilities. Looking in to career growth at the company’s growth is one of the qualities. If an employee makes relevant and proactive suggestions towards project sub processes and betterment of functionality, then he or she can be groomed in to an effective leader.
  • There are individuals within companies who do not wait for the proceedings to happen just to follow them over. They suggest measures and ideas towards a new project or work flow instead of sitting at meetings waiting for instructions. This is a major step towards identification.
  • Potential leaders have a sense of belonging or accountability. They take responsibility for the actions whether it is a failure or a glitch. They try to fix the errors. It is a positive pointer towards leadership. However, if an employee constantly blames others for any error or refuses to take responsibility then it is better to stay away.
  • The ability to multitask is one of the most lucrative abilities to look out for in a potential leader. If a person has the ability to manage two to three tasks at the same time or has equal involvement in multiple projects which he or she juggles with ease and performs simultaneously then, the person is a natural leader in coming years.
  • Emotional intelligence is a slightly higher level parameter in this regard. Ability of working within a team, extending helping hand towards understanding and tasks to fellow workers, building up inter-team relations and some of the intricate abilities of a potential leader.
  • Lastly, communication skills are the basic stand point. Even if a person has great ideas and management skills, he or she would not be able to deliver those, if communication skills are lacking. Hence, it is considered one of the basic criteria of a leader.

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