The start of the topic might surprise you. When recruitment firms are talking about things to do during an interview and after the final recruitment, it is unusual to talk about the activities that are strictly off the limits during first few months of the employment within an organization. But it is as essential as the activities that need to be done. Just doing the right things will not help you to achieve success in life. You should also know certain limitations and refrain from indulging in such activities that might bring down your career prospects.

  • While it might sound very traditional, but being late at work during the first few months of employment shows a negative impact on your professionalism. It might represent that you are not at all serious about your position or responsibilities. Coming to office in time and leaving on time fetches you brownie points in terms of seriousness and involvement.

  • You need to understand that as you are new to the organization, the employees who will be working below the hierarchy chain under you, they are new to you as well. Showing a level of arrogance or being too much cocky about every situation may impact the performance of the team as well as you.

  • Being social media active is good. But kindly refrain from talking about work related agendas on the social media platforms. This actually destroys the barrier of personal and professional front which is not a good approach.

  • Keeping quite in too many occasions may reflect that either you are ignorant or not interested in discussion. Do not create that impression ever.

  • Keep away from office gossips. Most of it is worthless and time consuming without any actual benefits. Also if someone talks about your involvement in such discussions to your reporting heads, it might not look good on the professional front.

  • Do not be judgmental about any situation. Try to stay diplomatic and put forth your view in the same way to avoid any back lashes.

  • It is better to refrain from taking up sides is discussions which might give rise to conflicts.

  • Do not try to showcase yourself too much which might also negatively impact your outlook in front of other people.

  • Lastly do not reveal too much about yourself especially about your personal life.