Every professional in his or her life time undergoes the process of joining a new profile within an organization. While it brings in high levels of excitement, there is a lot of anticipation related to it. A few years back with the traditional recruitment process, after joining an organization, people used to concentrate on first impression strategy towards reporting managers and team. In recent times, this has gone a bit further with modern day recruitment and selection. You should keep in mind that recruitment agencies who undertake the hiring process also stay in touch with the organization and its concerned employees who are associated with the new recruit. They keep a constant flow of feedback and opinion from the reporting managers and related people. So, as you look in to creating a good impression, you have to keep the point of feedback of the recruitment agencies in mind as well. Hence, we give to you a list of do’s and don’ts during the first few days of your new employment.

  • Keep calm. As it may sound off beat but it’s true. No one expects you to perform right from day one. They will not give you a ton of work. The first week goes around orientation program and paperwork. Spend a certain time familiarizing with the environment and employees under or with whom you will be working. This is a good start to understand the work culture and flow of certain things.

  • Emotional preparation is essential when you are in for a job change. So it is better that you keep a gap between leaving the old workplace and joining the new one. Don’t rush yourself from one place to another. It increases unwanted stress.

  • Although many research about work culture within an organization during interview preps, it is better to do so once more before you join by talking to the regular employees.

  • Initial days are very important towards image building. So proper grooming and dress up is crucial.

  • The recess time is a good way to interact with other people. It is better to use that time to break the ice.

  • Lastly, positive attitude towards work along with enthusiasm towards new tasks is essential. Smaller details like punctuality, extending a helping hand without being asked and team play attitude goes a long way towards career building.

While we talked about the things to follow, there are certain stuffs which should be off limits.

  • Do not show an attitude that depicts that you know it all. Even if you know how to do a particular task, if a person is explaining, try to be attentive and involved in the session.

  • It is understandable that new place and new people can be uncomfortable at times. But complaining on that issue right at the first few days is very unethical. Try to be a bit more considerate and understanding.

  • Do not show that you are too naive to understand what exactly you should do. Some things need to be figured out on your own.

  • Lastly do not fall in to informal group discussions that direct towards the company issues or any person in particular. You never know you may be marked as a problem creator.