Recruitment is a part of HR department work. They follow a pattern of recruitment and this pattern differs from one company to another. In this recruitment processit is very important that HR takes the concern of a company as well take the words of the candidate very seriously. After all, the candidate will bring real worth to the company. It is really effective and the company will flourish in a positive way. Hence, HR should always take into consideration of both the parties and create a balance inside the company so that a company witness a continuous growth.

When there is a vacant position in a company, then the HR department either source out the position to placement agencies or work internally to appoint the candidate. They first go through first round of interview and then suitable candidates are shortlisted from the 1st round and are asked for 2nd round of interview with the head of the individual department of a company. Once the candidate pass the interview, then they are given the confirmation about the interview result. Some companies also take written test followed by group discussion and this totally differs from company to company.

The candidate should be smart, confident and set a positive thought towards the company. It will help you to face the interview and challenges in a positive way. Even if you are not selected, then you will try for better opportunities and one failure will not break you. It is very important for candidate to be around with positive mind. The recruitment process can go long and so you need to have patience so that you can deal with interview dilemma and be tension free.

These days, interviews are taken digitally I.e. through telephone or SKYPE. So, if it is telecom interview, then you should be polite with your voice and choose a place where the surrounding is peaceful so that you can attend the interview peacefully. If it SKYPE interview, then you should choose a background that is decent and you should dress well to look presentable. These ideas definitely work the best to get through the interview and you can get the dream job.