When it comes to searching for job social media is the most common source of approaching people & exploring opportunities but one needs to keep in mind certain things before opting for this source. Anything inappropriate posted can be a hindrance in the entire recruitment and selection process. Most common mistakes by active job seekers through social media are:

Non alignment of the CV & online profile: Most of the rejections take place because the CV is not in sync with the online profile the discrepancies between both of them gives recruiters a negative impact.

Inappropriate photos/posts: Any post that indicates a negative comment for your current company or employee will fetch you nothing. Similarly, photos with inappropriate gestures or materials will fetch no result.

Making fun of your customers: Customer is the king in today’s market any of the comment insulting your customer or mocking them will give a negative impression about you not them.

Expectation: Don’t expect to get immediate response when using social media as the source because the recruitment process includes thousands of people who are doing the same and screening all the CV’S takes time.

Don’t rely: Though social media is one of the source of job hunting but it’s not the only source .So don’t close your options apply through as many sources as possible because you never know which recruiter is using which source.

When looking for a job come out to be an active seeker not a desperate one when approaching people it’s better to use professional sites like LinkedIn rather than Facebook.