Workforce forms the basis of foundation for a company or organization. The productivity of employee base is the source of life for any business. But managing this segment of business has become tricky with time. Be it a small employee count of 20 people or a huge workforce for an international company, employee management is required for every organization. There are certain effective ways of doing so in modern times.

  • One of the primary initiatives that can be taken up for employee management is the flexibility at workplace. Small steps such as employee would be able to create their own schedule, work remotely from any location be it office or home and take up additional projects according to the ability and availability are some of the measures. In case of remote working conditions, there are certain communication apps such as Slack, Asana and Trello which contribute towards project and employee management at the same time. It should be a combination of collaboration and accountability.

  • There should be transparency within the organization regarding the processes and the management. A study says that 25% employee do not trust their employer due to lack of transparency. Keeping a clear view point regarding the work processes and impact of a certain managerial decision should be put forth with clear explanation.
  • Increasing efficiency through short interactive sessions and quick individual updates on daily work is a more effective approach than holding long meetings. Moreover it is also a huge waste of productive time. The more casual the approach towards reporting, the more effective the communication is. It also helps in indentifying any loopholes within the functionalities and helps in suggesting appropriate measures accordingly. All people within a team do not have the same set of abilities. So it is better to deal with individual employees in different ways.

  • A strong feedback system should be in place where employee can express their views without biasness. It helps in gaining creative ideas towards improving processes and it gives the employees a chance to contribute towards the entire company as a whole.

  • Building up of communities is an innovative approach towards employee management. The communities can be related to any social work such as education to rural people on weekend, tree plantation and distribution of education or medical aid and such like. It brings the employees and the management under the same roof. It can also be related to certain community work for the employees as well that involves family and friends.

  • The last but not the least is giving the provision for work life balance that is very important from productivity point of view. Thanks to our technological advancement in communication segment, the employees are reachable at any point of time. But this results in a chain up to the workplace scenario which increases stress and reduces the productivity. Giving out leaves after a project ends, sticking to the fixed work hour durations and flexibility is essential to curb this issue with affectivity.