Millennials known to be the most complicated generations to understand & figure out what they want & how they want. But one thing very must predictable about them is that restriction or being cooped up is not what they are looking for. So, when this generation steps into the corporate what are they looking for?

Well after going through a lot of HR consultants researches the type of work environment they prefer is:

  • INSPIRATION: They are looking to work with someone who inspires them & gets along with them .Inspiration for them is not money or status, but rather by core competencies and personality traits. Respect holds the main component for them.

  • COMMUNICATION: Clear thoughts about what work is to be done and what will be the end result of that work, beating around the bush with them won’t fetch any result.

  • MENTOR: Mentoring is what they are looking for, someone to help them through the rough patches of starting at a new company, and guide them along the way. This makes them more productive.

  • COOPERATION: They are generation of good competition but, they are looking for a cooperative organization than a competitive one. Workplace friendship motivates them & helps them to enhance their productivity.

  • CLARITY: They admire and organization driven by its mission & a clear vision with flexibility, mentor ship & skill collaboration.