The world has changed so has recruitment. Today the emphasis are largely being done on artificial and robotic process where a recruiter can multitask and at the same time align the best talent as per the hiring needs of the organization. Not only this, the geographical spread of the talent have enhanced, where global HR consultants have expanded their reachability to diverse candidates.

This also mean a reduction in time and cost to hire & candidate orientation as some of the very basic necessities pertaining to candidates searching, interview coordination and infrastructural requirement have reduced. The concept of remote candidate is not new as companies long before have already validated the benefits of remote working, some of them being:-

  • Reduce total candidate hiring and employee seat cost.
  • Higher retention of employees where early disorientations are not  prevalent.
  • Increased productivity where remote employees are not in the cycle of office distractions

Remote hiring has become a new trend and it is here to stay. More and more exploration are being done to integrate remote hiring as an innovative yet normal process of candidate search. Candidates are also on a look out for remote work which easily aligns with their lives. 

Hence in order to make remote hiring successful you need to include simple steps like:-

  • A Detailed Job Description: Whenever posting a job for remote candidate be explicit in your requirements. Talk about the role that is being offered to the candidate. Outline the job work, position, benefits and growth the candidate will get. Most important highlight how much time commitment is expected from them.
  • Interview Questions Checklist: Since online interviews somewhere creates a restriction of connectivity between recruiter and candidate. Hence it is suggested that the interviewer prepares a detailed list of questions that requires candidate’s thoughts. Also to be more specific video interviews involving a structural process can be used.
  • Removing the Unnecessary: A lot of times potential candidates have to go series of interviews such as preliminary, technical, psychometric, HR and the list is long. Remote hiring has definitely reduced the process. Here the advantage is that multiple stakeholders can assess a candidate on one single go and decide the future prospective.
  • Tracking Assets and Resources: When you go ahead with the candidate there are certain assets allocated for remote working. Therefore it is necessary to make list of asset tags and allocation details with usage instructions and resources that can help in managing the resources effectively.

Hiring remote talent pool is an excellent way for expanding company’s profile, reachability and savings cost. However it is essential that we follow some of the best practices of remote hiring so as to make it successful within organization.