With times companies have introduced technology as an important tool for the hiring process. Social media tools, in-house application for payroll & benefits management and digital communication mediums have become some of the common sources of hiring. However this might have eased out the hiring process but the presence of personal touch through the phone call, face to face interview and reference check are some of the traditional practices that are being diligently followed.

In this era of technology, the hiring process is a combination of both technology and interaction. Online Recruitment Process and job portals are also becoming quite popular these days. Recruitment agencies understand the demands and needs of a particular job profile and interview candidates on the basis of their experience and qualifications involving technologies online. The various advantages of using job portals for hiring are as follows;

  • Increases Efficiency-Online recruiting and job portals offer a large variety of tools like pre-employment screening and personality assessments to select the right kind of candidates who will not only be absolutely apt for the particular job profile but will also match the work culture of the organization.

  • Reaches to a wider audience-A very important advantage of job portals are reaches to a wider audience. Employers can also easily contact the candidates by using pro-sites. These sites are not restricted by geographical boundaries. Career sites are always on top when job seekers start searching for jobs.

  • It minimizes the hiring cost-Another very vital benefit of hiring candidates through job portals is it minimizes the hiring costs. A job posting is now inexpensive then before. Job portals allow the companies to post about vacancies at a much lower rate. Thus, online recruitment minimizes the hiring costs. It not only reaches a wider audience but also files records electronically and provides selection tools electronically.

  • It saves time-Another primary advantage of hiring candidates online is it saves time and energy. Candidates upload their resumes on the online job portal sites and the employers contact the candidates by shortlisting their resumes. This not only saves them the unnecessary time they have to spend in interviewing all the candidates who come for the interview, even if they are not fit for the job. Shortlisting the candidates on the basis of resumes allow the organization to interview only those candidates they consider apt for the job profile. Taking interviews online saves time and energy of both the employees and employers.

The online hiring process and job portals have positively transformed the recruitment industry and have turned out to be beneficial for both the employers and the employees. It not only saves time and energy but is also effective in nature. So next time you hire employees for your organization, try using the online hiring process.