Secure Jobs That Can Never Become Obsolete

No matter how much technology affects the overall industry and market, there are certain roles that can’t lose glory. We are talking about jobs of teaching, law professionals, health care workers, chef and engineers. Indeed, technology will impact the way of work, but can’t replace the person itself completely.

Hence, some of these skilled jobs work fields which are always filled with tangible cases and practical problems will continue to serve jobs. However, polishing and brushing skills as per the new technology is important to grab the job in first place.

Inclusion of new wave of Employment for Future Work Force

Cross- disciplinary expertise is something that is going to set the new job trends in coming decade. From fashion to engineering and corporate marketing to administrative roles, highly skilled workforce will remain in demand forever. Moreover, self-employment is expected to rule in the younger generation skilled with trade expertise.

Specialized roles of website designers, mobile app developers, social media managers and content developers will have more relevance. Employers will also highlight requirement of workforce with effective understanding of online platforms and mobile trends.

In new recruitment landscape, employment law regulations and benefits are expected to become more employee-friendly. Furthermore, the facilities of remote workforce, work from home and adjustable office hour timings will be going to rule the job trends.

Changed Hiring Trends to Rule the Talent World

HR consultancy is already shaping the hiring practices according to the online job market boards. At the dawn of the new decade, job trends will continue to get majorly influenced by the social media platforms including LinkedIn and Recruiter. For employers, brushing up online footprints will be necessary to get attention of workforce while job hunters have to polish their online social skills to grab the opportunities.

With rising importance of Telecommuting employers have to prepare to finish hiring over phone. On the other hand, candidates should prepare to crack the video interviews and interview over calls using trending platforms of Skype, Google Hangouts etc. Altogether, the social media skills are going to become a major attribute for employers and employees both in the next decade.

GlobalHunt Takeaway for Gearing Up To Welcome 2020

A lot is changing in the recruitment industry and talent is becoming the driving force in every segment. In particular, professionals have to dig deep into their specialty to stay ahead of competitors. Moreover, increasing importance of online social skills is shaping the business strategy of the corporate. Failure to embrace the job trends may leave one behind. So, it means gear up to be brave to ‘give it a shot’!

It is all about coming out from your den of comfort zone and not becoming stagnant or passive worker!

Have a deep dive into the job trends through our HR consultancy and prepare yourself as a candidate or as an employer to explore different avenues in 2020.