First of all, what are Generalists and Specialists in terms of HR consultancy?

HR generalists are overall responsible for helping businesses with all types of hiring and other related works. The role also covers managing individual projects as well as other HR specialists. So, basically a Generalist has to cover recruitment, remuneration, background, health, safety and legal compliance for the owner of the business. While on the other hand a specialist only take care of one or more of specific areas such as salary negotiation or background check etc.


Primarily, HR consultants are responsible for acquiring best of man resources within the budget decided by the client. In this process of hiring, various sub stages works to separate wheat from the chaff. Most importantly, consultants have to regularly polish and update their talent searching and screening practices to acquire worthy candidates. It’s no easy job to find that one perfect match for the job profile from the piles of resumes!

Proprietary databases, social media search and internal resourcing are playing crucial role in today’s hiring. A consultant is solely responsible to assist client from creating job description, posting advertisements, screening worthy resumes to final stage of on-boarding and afterwards.

Training and Development

Training and development is another important role for human resource department of any company. In this segment, trainers help the workforce to polish their on-job skills as well as soft skills. The purpose of training and development teams is to assist the man power of the business to improve their skills.

The team of internal and/or external trainers helps to conduct periodic training on diverse field such as communication, leadership, time management and computer knowledge etc. Furthermore, according to the nature of business specific training is provided by the company for customer service and job-specific skill training.

Total rewards and Compensation

Salary and benefits are one of those key motivators that keep an employee motivated to contribute his or her best to the business. HR specialist helps in finalization of total benefits and remuneration for the employee. Specifically, in this role an HR consultant assist employer to provide just base pay, commission, perks and running award and recognition programs.

The output of the consultant in this role is to maximize the benefits of employees while following the budget constraint.

Health and Safety

Maintaining the productive workforce is another role that an HR consultant plays. For this, consultant provides assistance to employees in getting health care and insurance costs covered by the employers. Along with this, HR specialists also responsibly make sure that all the safety and security practices are well in place as per Government regulations.

Legal Compliance

Specialist consultants help in providing legal assistance to the business. In this area of work consultants contribute to create rules and regulation policies for the employer. More in this role, consultants, who have expertise in state employment regulation and occupational safety compliance, helps in creating, and must follow guideline for safety at work.