Communication is the key to any strong relationship. This fact remains true not only in our personal lives, but also in our professional lives. In an organisation, though every employee is responsible for maintaining a good communicative relationship, the main responsibility of strengthening this communication lies on the shoulders of the HR recruiters.

But the question is, are the HR recruiters able to manage or engage the workforce in order to enable the employees to communicate effectively?

Studies have shown that only 16% of the employees are actually able to communicate properly and share their ideas and thoughts. The rest of the people remain dormant. But, it has also been seen that 62% of the employees leave their organisation due to communication related issues. This clearly indicates that there is a communication gap between the employees and the HR recruiters.

80% of the C-suite executives believe that internal communication is very important to keep the employees motivated and build their self-esteem. The companies that take care of their internal communication and remain well connected to their employees do a far better business and have lesser employee turnover.

Since the HR department holds the responsibility of recruitment and onboarding of the employees, we also expect them to be actively involved in devising methods to enhance communication in the organisation. However, this does not seem to be as easy as it sounds. If we look at the real statistics, we unfortunately find that only 1% of the organisations are really working towards achieving this goal.

So, how can the HR recruiters improve the internal communication while especially focusing on the people who do not proactively participate in any communication activities?

To answer a similar question, internal communications consultant, Ron Shewchuk said, ” We can leverage technology to improve communication in ways we couldn’t even imagine a few years ago. We need to create opportunities for positive shared experiences, to keep people informed, to recognize accomplishments and to engage employees.”

Technology can actually prove to be a boon for people who shy away from a face-to-face talk and are satisfied to choose the digital way of communication.

Digital coaching, audience-based messaging and special communication mobile apps are helping the HR recruiters to enhance the internal communication in an organisation.

The new HR software are innovative, and they are programmed to help people with different personalities and traits to communicate in different ways.

However, another employee survey has reported that though much is being done by the HR recruiters to improve the internal communication, 75% of the employees still feel that HR department needs to enhance its communication with its employees. Communication plays the most important part in motivating and inspiring the employees. It also helps the employees to remain goal oriented.

The HR recruiters need to understand that only an effective communication strategy can create a sense of satisfaction among the employees. It is high time HR recruiters must start using the technology to their utmost benefit and streamline the communication issues in the organisation.