With the coming of COVID-19, new uncertainties and challenges are being faced by organizations every day. Although at large level cutoffs, layoffs and furloughs have been practiced by businesses but somewhere today we have reached a phase where the new normal is now becoming normal and we have adjusted to the different norms of living.

If looked from other side, the situation have made the recruiters and companies rethink what they are actually looking for. Hence it is important that HR managers built in the right strategies for recruitment.

1. Assess Skill Gap & Talent Shortage  

    Map the skills and talents you have lost the most. Why did you take the decision to remove those skills? What skills will help you in sailing safely through the pandemic? Which skills will improve your business in the future? What skills are largely available in market? Reflection on these question will help you build strategies that can let you focus on candidates which can bring change on real time basis. 

    2. Align Recruitment Strategies with Business Strategies  

    Ask what are your organizational goals? Commercially what growth plans is your company looking forward to? & How to achieve these goals? Once you have answered these questions it will be very easy for you answer the next questions; whether to hire or not? What to hire? & when to hire? It is essential to discuss what behaviour, experience and skills are required for the company.

    3. Engage and Nurture Furloughed Employees  

    These set of employees are already vetted and aligned with your business. They will be quick to assess your current business expectations and growth plans. If the skillset matches with your current requirement then definitely approach the ones you already know and have worked with.

    4. Boost Internal Mobility To Build Agile Workforce

    Look for opportunities where rather than furloughing employees try to redeploy them in different portfolios which can build their resilience. This will also help them understand what are their strengths & energies which can bring a productive change within the company and also instill entrepreneurship skills within them.

    5. Enhanced Technology for Improve Remote Recruiting 

    Even when the pandemic demanded everyone to shift from work to home much beyond the situation many companies had already achieved work from home because of basic machine learning. Therefore there were already well established application tracking, screening and onboarding systems which can be further upgraded to address the remote recruitment needs.