Executive placement across world works hard to find the right candidates. They put in day and night to look for candidates present on various job portals, database and social media. Sometimes for niche skills passive candidates are also activated so as to find the best fit. But despite all the efforts candidates, post offer & negotiation, drop out stating various reasons. 

A recent study by Glassdoor highlights some of the reasons or behavior which candidates adopts while rejecting any job. Let us look at them:-

In some industries candidates have options: IT, Telecom and Banking are some of the industries which give enough scope for candidates to explore opportunities. Hence rejection rate is higher in these industries in comparison to others.

Interview difficulty level: a candidate feels that interviews that are more technical and job specific generates high level of curiosity and excitement towards job acceptance and joining.

Interviews are for company’s assessment: most of the candidates feels that during interview they get an opportunity to understand a company’s profile. Whether it’s the work, career growth or culture a candidate prepares the mind whether to join or not post interview process.

Test skills, not IQ: candidates show more inclination towards organizations that assess a candidate’s expertise in respect to functional and job specific skills. Moreover IQ in respect to their job profile should be assessed than general calculative skills.

Too many interviews don’t retain candidate’s interest: too many interviews decreases the motivational level of candidates towards a job as they feel that too many process and competency mapping creates higher stress level and at the same time builds aspiration that the candidate is nearer to selection. But after all the rounds if a candidate is rejected then a bad taste created. 

Hiring market have become more competitive than before because finding candidates with correct skills, resilience and sound experience is getting difficult. Candidates are only changing jobs when they are sure that the prospective company is ready to ensure their growth and continuity. Therefore it is recommended to process out candidate hiring into a more convenient way so that the candidate gets clarity on the profile and company’s culture.