Unlearn The Misconception That Recruiter’s Job Is To Find Job Seekers’ Jobs

This is the harsh reality that may make you hate Executive Recruitment is – they are meant to cater best candidates for their clients. And business houses pay them to acquire best industry talent within shortest span of time. Now you have to think to use this information for making a full proof job search strategy. For favorable results, you should be at the driver seat to take your career journey in the right direction!

Executive Recruitment What Part Candidates Miss To Understand?

Time Is Money – The Name Of The Game

Typically, the work of recruiters is quite exhausting and wading through piles of unsolicited resumes results in ignorance of many profiles. Your resume must catch their eyes, even to make it to their database for future reference.

Know Your Ground Before Starting To Play

As a candidate you must find a common ground with the recruiter. And it is not rocket science to understand that specific areas of specialization are can be the happiest place where you and recruiter can work for mutual benefits.

Hence, before contacting or continuing a conversation with a recruiter, you should know if they are working for the same talent pool that value your skill sets. Further, the working of recruiters includes in-depth research, private networking and exhaustive screening. So, you have to work on each step to know the best ways to partner with them.

Find A Way From Out-Of-Mind To Stay Top-Of-Mind

By just dropping a resume, if you think you are going to get a job, you are living in the hallucination bubble of best-case scenarios. Staying in touch with recruiters by calling them once in a month would be a great idea though. Hence, if you have forgotten this basic principal of building network with recruiters, it is the right time to work on building a solid networking that can help positively for career growth.

While doing so, don’t become a stalker (you know the fine line between staying in touch and making irritating someone, right?) Over-enthusiastic attitude may make you sound desperate and kill your all rapport building efforts.

Even if you are at work in the middle of a hectic day, you should take call from recruiters. However, then you can take number and call them back outside of work hours.

Love Or Hate – The Fortune Of Your Career Is In Hands Of Executive Recruiters

Wading through the stack of resumes is a daunting task for executive recruiters. Your chances of winning this game of grabbing the best job depend on how you are utilizing your best resources. Unsolicited approach of reaching headhunters is not going to win in the today’s increasingly competitive talent market. You have to be at top of networking list of consultants who are the best match with your profile. GlobalHunt believes that Executive Recruitment has power to brighten career path of candidate if he or she knows how to best use it.

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