The latest IT staffing trends and techniques have evolved a lot as compared to previous years of recruitment. We all are striving in the era of unpredictable times than ever before, which makes it really tough to invest your trust in any forecasts. No matter even when it comes from highly-acclaimed professionals and experts.

For the recruitment industry, new trends in the recruitment industry and selection should be more focusable points for various organizations. Keeping up with the trend of every year, 2021 was also full of various blog posts that were focused on different trend predictions, but no one could see Covid coming to change the whole equation of the situation. Yet, 2022 managed to surprise us with different unprecedented events that will shape the staffing process. IT staffing remains as competitive as ever, no matter if it is highly fragmented, the commencement of advanced technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial intelligence (AI) is the driving force behind this development of recruitment trends. We all have witnessed, there has been a significant change in recruitment and HR trends. The latest recruitment trends result from the pandemic and its devastating effects, making virtual recruiting and work-from-home new normal norms and rituals.

Due to the pandemic, the world and workspaces have faced a lot of disruptions. Consequently, the latest trends in the staffing process are more focused towards virtual hiring due to the pandemic. Due to this, we can witness an effective shift in the requirements for IT professionals, mostly focusing on skills and qualifications. 

IT recruiting firms are now focused on recruiting the finest candidates and scaling the quality of staffing by using all possible technologies and trends. In this article, we’ll take you through some of these trends, offering clear insight into maximizing them to achieve the best results for your organization.

     Extension of geographical regions

The geographical radius of organizations to recruit different candidates has undoubtedly widened due to this remote working culture. The introduction of hybrid work culture offers an opportunity for employees to avoid their necessary physical presence in the workspace. This leads to a big sigh of relief for those who have to relocate or commute to the office daily. Employees make the best use of this whole situation by switching jobs easily and joining an organization that they find more suitable, no matter if it is located in another state.

These two factors will potentially continue to create an impact on the IT staffing process and lead to high turnover rates in the coming years. Tech companies need to adopt the hybrid system to stay ahead of their competitors.

     Work From Home Culture

The new hiring trends for 2022 depict that almost 98% of employees desire to pick the Work from Home option even when the covid-29 situation improves. The primary reason is that employees prefer their safety over work or responsibility. If not full-time working from home, they prefer to acquire a job that allows WFH for at least 2-3 days weekly. To keep up with this situation, managers require to offer some innovative solutions, strategies and conditions. They have the responsibility of ensuring that the Work from Home trend brings joy and affectability simultaneously to every concerned employee. The essential factor that plays a significant role in maintaining productivity is that all such solutions and strategies must be framed in a way that works for everybody aware of the pros & cons of teleworking. Remote working is the future of IT recruiting firms as it’s the most significant cost-saving alternative for companies.

     Mental health preference and employee well-being

The pandemic has made us all aware of the need to focus on mental health and the value of mental and emotional well-being. So, 2021 has witnessed the implementation and evaluation of prominent mental health policies. In 2022, we will see a jump in the use of employee well-being apps, surveys, and training, turning this into one of its principal recruiting trends. The definition of employee well-being schemes includes fun-building activities. It is now counted as an inevitable policy for employee welfare and not an extra perk. In 2022, organizations are focusing on adopting effective measures that support the complete mental s health of employees to analyze performance more accurately and in a well-defined manner. Physical, mental, and financial health has become vital metrics businesses use to evaluate their employee base.

     Video interviews

With the assistance of video technology, recruiters can speed up the interview process and be more time conscious. In this way, candidates can give the interview in their comfort zone without travelling for initial interview rounds. Video interviews also let companies fill positions faster and keep the best candidates engaged by responding more quickly.

Video technology makes scheduling multiple interviews and dealing with several schedules easier. Video enables recruiters to screen more applicants and decide which people a company wants to invite back for a face-to-face interview, if necessary.

     Recruitment with the assistance of social media

In the process of IT staffing, the role of various social media platforms seems like one of the emerging trends and techniques. Organizations can utilize social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn for recruitment. Recruiters need to know the power of different social media features that enables high response and interactivity, such as photos, videos, posts, and hashtags, as a part of their recruitment strategy.

Companies might attract more potential employees by encouraging existing employees to post about their achievements over social media platforms.

     Branding of the employer

Employer branding is one of the most undermined recruitment trends but holds a prominent position in the staffing process. We are well-versed in the fact that job applicants are getting more aware of cross-checking an organization’s reviews, work culture, compensation, and other possible facilities. Any company can get the maximum number of applicants with a good brand name and reputation in the market. These modern recruitment trends try to convey to employers how essential it is to maintain or improve their brand image to attract the best for their company. It is the duty of employers to protect and showcase the image of the brand rightfully. In the long term, it plays a vital role but might seem general. Companies with a lousy market image will likely lose a perfect candidate for a specific job. Moreover, a reputed company finds collaborating with third parties or other clients easy.

     Predictive analysis

Predictive analytics is one of the latest recruitment trends that is assisting companies in IT staffing, predicting and accessing a prospective candidate’s behavior.

Recruiters already have all kinds of essential data like their work history, location, education, etc., that they can filter to hire potential candidates. Predictive analytics offers useful insights by helping recruiters with the curated lists of the most suitable hires for a particular job position.

It can make appropriate interventions and predict when an employee of another company is preparing to quit, allowing companies to gain an edge in their employee selection process.

     Flexible work schedule

The most popular recruitment trend is providing employees with flexible working schedules. Work from home trend has given a jump to employees’ urge to get more flexible hours. Dedicated commitment to a 9 to 5 job gets challenging while operating from home. Working in a flexible work environment helps human resources to cope with emergencies without losing their salary for that day. Flexibility allows employees to complete their daily tasks at their set timings. Various human resource management reports reveal that companies offering flexible work schedules attract the best talent.

If you want to use these recruitment trends and build an efficient team for your organization, GlobalHunt Staffing Solutions can help. We have a team of expert recruiters and consultants who are well-versed in the evolving shifting business requirements. 


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