Many a times we all must have meet or spoken to some or the other Sales Manager trying to convince you to purchase their products and services. The job of sales team is significantly important as they are tagged as the direct people to earn revenue or the profit drivers of the company.

They are the ones who are on daily basis are connecting with clients and maintain relations with them. So at times the sales job does become difficult and target driven. As a executive search firm our consultants also finds difficult to fill up positions with good sales manager who understands the art of selling.

So practically what is this art of selling?

If we have go about understanding the art of selling we must understand that a Sales Person does not only have to fix meetings or calls with potential customers and start briefing about the products and services they want to sell. The first and foremost thing which a sales person should aim to achieve is to build a relation of trust with customers. This requires having those potential soft or behavioural skills that can utilize to attract the customer. One should always be ready to handle the customer with care. Remember that a “friend in deed is a friend indeed”.

They should not focus on briefing about the product and services but rather should focus on the past achievements how that particular product and service has been able to solve a complex but a common problem. A sales person should have the ability to gage the problem of the customer during their conservation so that he or she can provide a specific solution to the problem of the customer.

Lastly, a sales person should always be an active marketer. Brand promotion is something which should go parallelly with selling. A sales manager should have skills to build a positive brand within its customers which requires sharing of important information and knowledge which is requisite for customers to know.

With these simple skills we believe that sales can no longer become a herculean job and with more concentration you can improve your relations with customers.