The dynamic nature of the IT sector and the skills needed to succeed there set it apart from other non-technical sectors. IT staff members as well as the hiring team must keep up with their industry updates. Since all work has moved online over the past two and a half years, there has been an increase in demand for services, driving IT staffing to enjoy continual growth. Managing the constantly shifting hiring environment and personnel requirements have proven difficult for recruiters.

Making sure that the organization stays up with technology and that technology keeps up with business expectations are IT recruiters’ top objectives as they work to future-proof their organization for 2023. So, here are some trends and predictions for IT Staffing 2023 to help you out in recruiting the most skilled team for a rising organization.

Trends For IT Staffing 2023

Take a look at the IT Staffing trends that may dominate the upcoming year: 

Increase in no. of certain IT roles 

As more and more work has shifted online there have been new IT roles in storage and security online. Thus, the IT industry has been among the fastest-growing industries increasing in staffing.

Hybrid Workplace 

The IT industry has had the concept of a hybrid workplace, long before the pandemic. Though this has grown to be in demand now. The staff and employers mutually feel a hybrid workplace makes for a flexible work mode delivering maximum output. According to a survey, employers prefer a hybrid workplace instead of complete office work.

Special Applications for IT Staffing

While conducting interviews and evaluating candidates’ technical knowledge for IT roles can be done using applications. but having a specialized application for their specific industry gives the candidates objectivity and clarity through the entire process. Applications created especially for IT personnel have increased in popularity recently. These platforms typically provide tools that simplify the employment process, such as resume screening, video interviewing, video introduction profiles, and code assessment tools. Recruiters have understood the value of the candidate experience since the emergence of online hiring.

New Roadblocks 

While there is an abundance of candidates for hiring but IT Staffing faces these some biggest roadblocks:

Crucial to make a great impression on potential talent and retain them while hiring staff have to compete with great numbers of other recruiters while candidates can easily choose among them as the good ones are getting offers simultaneously.

Existing a humongous lack of skills in clients may lead to a very time-consuming process as the hiring teams go through mountains of resumes.

Difficult to keep up with the competitive wage expectations in the industry.

Employee retention

In IT staffing, employee retention is of crucial importance. Since the IT industry keeps on changing thus the workforce needs to be equipped with it too. Here the term Labour Hoarding and Reskilling comes into play. 

Labour Hoarding is when companies are trying whatever it takes to retain their current employees as it is not practically possible to lay off and keep recruiting based on new needs. So, companies offer to reskill their employees with new updates in the industry. Well, reskilling is employed for the willing staff looking to expand their knowledge and techniques. Reskilling is done carefully and not mindlessly assigning non-technical staff for technical reselling.

Predictions for IT Staffing 2023

For tech recruiters to maintain a competitive advantage and hire the finest talent, they need to be aware of the following four predictions as to how technical recruiting might change to fit the requirements of a new setting in the business

Change in employer and employee dynamic

IT staffing is facing constant updates because of the fast-evolving nature of the industry. The recruiters are held to the highest standards as now the employees will expect to be fairly compensated for their work like what are the soft benefits the company can provide. Today staff are ready for a job change if it provides a better work-life balance like a hybrid workplace. Since the pandemic people have a new sense of awareness and worth to be valued and work that provides value. 


As we move into the new year with the growing metaverse, web 3.0, and several other updates on the way IT staffing will look for candidates ready to keep upskilling with the updates as well as organize Upskilling Workshops. While the employees are upskilled, there have been new skills and knowledge when recruiting for IT. Due to the increased demand for qualified staff, companies without efficient recruiting methods found it difficult to create and keep quality teams. Thus, companies may launch upskilling boot camps, and develop degree courses for IT staffing as firms recognize the need for elevated technical knowledge in their recruiting teams.

Global Hiring

The IT industry has been familiar with remote working for a long time now and with many IT companies going remote towards the end of 2022. IT Staffing may surely go international. The hiring force surely appears more open to looking for talent globally. 

Candidates may have an upper hand

Candidates may hold the keys to employment because the sector needs additional talent to fulfill growing demand. The candidate’s requirements and expectations from the job role are at the center. Candidates have the upper hand to only choose the company that meets their needs and honors their values from the sea of recruiters. The IT staffing industry has to up its game to provide personal connection value besides job opportunities.

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