Today’s world is all about a fast paced lifestyle accompanied with technological support which has made everything at the fingertip. People across the globe are now connected at all times through social media and many other platforms all thanks to internet revolution. This has also taken its place in the corporate world. Technology and connectivity has propagated flexibility of work along with ease of communication. But amidst all these developments, there are certain impacts which have taken a toll on an individual’s life format. Working professionals are not really leaving from work; they are actually taking their office with them and carry it around 24×7. This has impacted the health of an individual due to build in stress, exhaustion and fatigue. Hence we put forth certain measures that can be very helpful towards work life balance maintenance.

  • First and foremost thing to keep in mind for every working professional is that nobody is perfect. You cannot always perform to the 100% mark. As human beings we are all bound to make mistakes which are very practical. But there are many professionals who always want to give their perfect output which adds to the stress when they cannot deliver. You need to accept the fact that errors happen and need to let go of striving for perfection.

  • As mentioned earlier that technology has facilitated easiness and work but it has also given accessibility at all times which has led to the never ending work session. It feels that you do not leave from office at all. This after a certain period of time becomes over whelming which brings in stress and other mental and physical health problems. So it is essential that you unplug yourself from office. Sometimes it is essential to switch off the mobile and laptop and enjoy the moment without any technology to reduce unwanted stress.

  • Health and fitness has become an important aspect of today’s life as people suffer from various mental and physical problems due to work pressure. So it is essential to indulge in certain physical activities to keep the system active and detoxified. It helps in better health and stress management.

  • It is essential to keep a routine of the tasks which needs to be done at specific time intervals. Also there should be a list of tasks which are on top priority. Basically organization of day to day work according to importance and time limit reduce unwanted time wastage so that you can complete your tasks and leave from office on time.

  • Structuring life at both personal and professional end is also essential. There are some tasks which need to be outsourced at some point if you have a job where you need to put in higher effort. This can be anything such as laundry, car washing, house maintenance, cooking and such like.

  • Lastly if you have started some healthy initiatives in your day to day lifestyle, keep it small initially and build it up with time. This can be either a particular diet or physical regime.
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