Organizations are moving away from traditional job titles and prefer titles which are more inclusive and people-centric such Chief People’s Officer, Director of People and Recruitment, Chief Human Capital Officer etc.

Initially, organizations used to have job titles like managers or directors to represent people who were are the senior most level of the organization. the perspective of both people and organizations have changed over time.It is a very obvious phenomenon that we all specialize in a particular genre and we all manage something that is related to our organization in our respective domains. The perspectives of both the people and organizations have changed over time. Organizations now play around with the job titles and names and try bringing out a title that is both related to the job and is creative in its own way. This allows one to move away from the concept of generalizing a particular job role or title. There are various advantages of moving away from traditional job titles and preferring titles that are more people-centric in nature like for example Chief Human Capital Officer, Director of People and Recruitment, Chief People’s Officer. You can go to the following blog to get a brief about the benefits of having creative and unique job titles at your organization.

A job title that is new might engage the attention of customers. They might have the quest to know more about your job role or what you do at your organization and this might be an excellent way to start an interesting conversation with both of you. Having unique job roles at your workplace will also help you build up your brand. All offices and organizations have the same set of job titles as a receptionist, a manager, an HR.You can actually make your brand stand out in the crowd by having people-centric job titles at your office. People will recognize you as a  brand that has unique job titles and you will also be a hit among your employees. And changing the name to something that sounds better can help you retain your employees also. The changing needs of time have also made the organizational roles of a company more complex. Earlier having a few designations and fewer people could help you run an entire business. But today where cut-throat competition is the order of the day, you need a specially trained person specifically to handle a single domain only.In this case, having creative and new job titles helps because it brings a sense of clarity in both the minds of the employees, the employers as well as the outsiders.

Therefore in this era of continuous innovation give unique “out of the box”job titles to your employees. This will not only help you build yourself as a brand among your potential customers but will also enable your employees to think creatively, “out of the box”. In simple words, if you want them to think “out of the box” in order to benefit your company, you have to take the first step and provide them with job titles that are different.

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