Remote employees are those who perform their work schedules in a distant location from their traditional office. The companies may have group-members who generally works in the remote areas only. Remote jobs also deals in the offers of work from home or work from different sites virtually or physically but the distinctive feature in this facility deals with the work schedules that have being fixed by not visiting the office.

Remote jobs for the employees have several advantages. For instance the costs to the employees by the organizations reduces in a great margin, which lead both the employees and the employers to enjoy the extra expenses of the amenities that were being considered to be the chief add on to the profit of the company. Similarly, it also increases the productivity by the employees as they can work from their comfort zones and the absenteeism also reduces to a great extent. The disadvantages in working remotely also act as in a priority list. The employees are minimally connected that to via Skype, LinkedIn or by some other platforms. These employees gets very limited chances to interact with each other, which sometimes act as a major disadvantage in the field of performing the task that has being assigned by the organizations. In the case of remote working employees, they fails to concentrate appropriately and fails to work in the proper given or allotted timings, their so-called ‘work-mode’ starts whenever they feels like, which also causes distractions towards the work. However, out of few disadvantages, one can balance his/her life schedules according to their perspectives to their life.

In the recent world of economy, any company can flourish in a sound manner with the help of the remote employees as the talent lies from all around the globe. Improving the remote employees improves the morality, productivity and the cohesion of team. Monitoring the remote employees is one of the challenging tasks for the members of the organizations. For an instance, company associated must have proper rapport with the remote employees and taking suggestions for some issues of the company. Scheduling must be in a balanced state as for dealing with the remote employees. Video calling or voice calling are being entertained by the companies for being in a communication For maintaining the good relationship with the remote employees, the company should have work on the networking sites of both the employees and the employers. If the face to face get-together is possible the company must have take an initiative for arranging such  a party and if it still not possible, the company must take an initiative for the get-together via video calling in Skype or in any other medium.

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