Lot of companies to increase their brand penetration in the market have hired community manager who works on social media platforms to promote the company image. Over time, their role has become significant for customer engagement, retaining sales, increasing market base etc.

So let us in detail mention the role of a community manager:

1. Expansion

The priority task of a community manager is to expand the customer base to indirectly affect the profits base. They have to think of promotional ideas or activities that generate interest among customer to relate with the organization product and services.

2. Communicate

Next in line comes the communication part where they have to formulate messages that build relations with stakeholders. Communication becomes a key relationship which further facilitates trust. Hence, to build trust with organization right communication to all its partners should be stimulated.

3. Engagement

With communication one should also engage with its stakeholders to sustain interest. Feedbacks and social media analytics form a crucial tool of engagement. A community manager should be equipped to deal with tricky situations to keep the engagement level high.

4. Improvement

There is no better tool than self-reflection to improve. A community manager should conduct monitoring exercises with its community to gage the current status of the organization. This helps the organization to understand its potential target community and areas of improvement.

A community manager gives voice to an organization in the public domain. It helps in building a relationship with community which directly or indirectly defines your business growth. Thus, its role is to build a community that lasts.

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