As we are aware of the current situation of pandemic, recruiting firms are conducting an online recruiting process. By this time, it has become important to follow the hiring metrics of 2021. 

It is not about hiring but it is about hiring knowledge and experienced candidates. Freshers should also be given the chance but they must be having little knowledge related to the field. Little knowledge of Freshers builds trust and they could be given the chance to perform. 

Hiring is the process of finding a new employee for the company. It can be done smoothly if the mentioned metrics are followed. 

Let’s check out some of the important metrics of hiring that recruiting companies must follow:


Knowing the experience of candidates is important. Based on their experience, they are assigned with a particular task. So, the first thing is to ask a candidate about their experience. Recruiting consultancy, first looks for experience while checking the resume. 

The Efficiency of the Recruiting Process

Basically, efficiency implies how long recruiting companies are taking to complete the hiring process. It is the most important metrics as it affects the cost of the whole recruiting process. Often, candidates get frustrated if the hiring takes too long to process and can have a bad impact. 


Have you ever thought of how effective your ad is and from which sources you are getting the applicant. Think about the channel that will get you the best applicant.  You can allocate the marketing budget once you know which channel is best for you. Recruiting companies can make the hiring process run smoothly by following this metric.

Performance of Job Ads

Checking on the performance of Job Ads on a regular basis is also an essential part of recruiting marketing. You may get the best candidate if you monitor the performance of ads regularly. 

Career Page

Recruiting companies must create a career page for posting about any vacancy. Creating a page on LinkedIn helps to get the right applicant for the post. Right information along with timing and salary scale must be given in the post. Email ID and mobile number should also be present. 

Data of the Application

Recruiting consultancy must have the data of the application present with them. Data on how many applications have been rejected and selected. 

How many have withdrawn from the process and what is the reason for their withdrawal. How many of the candidates have accepted the offer and have actually joined. These are some of the parameters on which the data must be prepared. 

Basic details such as the name, number must also be present in the data. Withdrawal rate and acceptance rate gives information about a candidate’s experience. 

Relevancy and Quality

How does an applicant get into the interview? Do you consider him or her relevant for the post? How diverse are the applicants?

These are some things to be kept in mind before proceeding the hiring process.

What does your team think of the hiring process? How would you like to improve them? How effective is your communication with your teammates?

These are some of the things on which you need to work. This measures the satisfaction of both candidate’s and the hiring team. 


Setting up a budget on how much you need to spend on marketing ads is also an important metric. How much does it cost to hire one candidate? These are all the parameters on setting the budget. 

Apart from the cost, recruiting companies should also check how many referrals you are receiving? 

Steps of Hiring:

  • Hiring Need: It starts with finding the needs of an organisation. It is required to fill the vacant position in an organization. 
  • Devising a recruiting plan: Recruiting companies, then needs to execute the recruiting plan. Before that they need to know the goal and requirements of the company. Which type of candidates they need for their organisation. Whether they want fresher or experienced candidates for a particular post. This needs to be set before continuing the hiring process. 
  • Advertisement: Next, comes the advertising part. Without advertisement or running ads, it is not possible to reach out to your potential applicants. Advertisement can be done through newspapers or by posting ads on LinkedIn or to any social media sites too. 
  • Interview: After completing all these tasks, it is time for the final part that is the interview. Interviews can take place over Zoom or Google Meet. It can also be a telephonic or one on one interview depending on the organization. 

Extra Tips: 

  • There are always some changes happening in the hiring process. It is important for a consultancy to keep them updated. 
  • There are also different tools available in the market that enhance the hiring process. 
  • Starting from dashboard to maintaining the account, everything is available on the CRM.
  • You can easily rely on tools for maintaining the above metrics of the hiring process. 
  • The HR must keep them updated with the changing technology. 
  • CRM is best for tracking the hiring process and forecast the plan.
  • You can even get the details of previous data and can tally the work accordingly. 
  • Be it any field, data maintenance is a crucial part and needs to be fine properly without any error.
  • Data of your applicants must be present in the system. Also, the details of new openings and vacancies must be present in the system. 

Summing up

These are some important metrics to be followed by recruiting companies for hiring. Also, they must take a review or ask the candidate about their hiring experience. That also has a positive impact on the company. 

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