The automation and artificial intelligence has greatly influenced the HR department recently.

What does that really mean?

It means that the HR advisors and assistants will lose their present jobs. The recruitment jobs that were earlier done by the HR department are now being automated and are accurately and more precisely being done by the machines.

Does that mean HR professionals are no longer needed in an organization?

HR professionals are an important part of the organization and their jobs are now much evolved and lie beyond the files, folders, excel spreadsheets and recruitment. The HR professionals will now be required to take up different kinds of jobs that would be needing much better skills.

The four new trends that will shape the HR outlook are:

  1. HR professionals will now be considered as business partners– The new role needs HR professionals to be well acquainted with the functioning of the organization. Knowing about the business operations can help them to attract and manage relevant talents to the organization.

  2. HR professionals will now be more data driven– The HR professionals will now need to learn skills which will enable them to accumulate and analyze data effectively and then make accurate decisions based on the same.

  3. HR professionals need to be more specialized– The new upcoming roles need highly skilled people, so HR professionals need to be trained in the field of finance, marketing, risk management and analytics.

  4. HR professionals should be able to use technology in the best possible way– High-end tech-based solutions such as HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems), Performance and Evaluation tool, Recruiting software, payroll services, benefits management platforms, employee engagement tool are being introduced. These tools aim towards simplifying and streamlining the work of the HR professionals.

This evolution in the HR department due to automation and artificial intelligence has in fact been welcomed by most of the professionals. Studies show that 65% of the HR managers don’t see artificial intelligence as a threat. According to them, it will in fact be one of the most important tools to help them to work efficiently in the future. They also feel that now is the best time for people to be entering the HR profession.

However, using the technology effectively for the benefit of the organization is something that the HR professionals might need to learn. Acquiring the new talent is the real challenge that the HR professionals are facing recently. The one thing that the organisations can do to address this issue is to start a professional development or career advancement programme for all the employees. Though these kinds of programmes have already been started for the other employees, the HR department is still being overlooked.

HR professionals are the once who are responsible for acquiring and managing the human capital of the organization. An enhancement in their skill will directly influence the workforce of the organization. Therefore, it is high time all the organisations must start training their HR professionals to face the future challenge in a much better way.

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