Several staffing agencies indeed desire remote works during the situation of Covid. The world witnessed a historical change in staffing and recruiting companies due to the pandemic situation. The whole world is shifting to or has shifted to “work from home”. We have never expected such levels of the pandemic in our lives. 

The staffing agency has never imagined that this pandemic would last so long. Despite taking the 2nd dose of the vaccine, still, we find them down with Covid. There are so many cases where we find people suffering from covid despite taking the 2nd dose of the vaccine.

At such times, recruiting companies could not take a chance. 

Let’s take a glance at some points on the future remote works in 2021

Remote Work is Here to Stay

Staffing and recruiting companies cannot risk the life of the workers. Therefore, it is better to go for remote work. According to a report, 97.6% of people have said that they are more comfortable working remotely for the rest of their careers. 

According to several other surveys and reports, it is found that 80% of leaders of the company are planning to allow employees to work remotely. They are expected to work remotely at least three times per week. Hays says that 60% of the workers believe in hybrid working mode. 

A majority of highly educated and skilled workers demand remote works. 

Remote Works leads to Productive Work

Work can be done with more dedication and concentration. Remote work has increased the productivity of the workers. Major studies have found that remote workers are more productive than office workers. Workers are said to be 15% to 45% more productive. 

Workers can maintain their productivity on individual tasks. Nearly 75% of remote employees can improve the productivity of individual tasks.  

According to BCG, 51% of remote workers have improved productivity on collaborative tasks. Up to 32% of remote workers are said to be more engaged at work than office workers. Employment Hero says that only three weeks of paid leave are taken by the remote workers. 

With all these statistics, one can say that remote work has increased the productivity of the workers. They can give their 100% to the work. The chances of taking leave are also less than usual. 

Remote Work or Hiring increases Retention

The cost of replacing an employee depends upon seniority. The overall cost of replacing an employee can be ranged from 30 to 150% of their annual salary. It makes an employee churn one of the most important drains of the staffing companies’ finance. 

The good thing is that flexible working is a way of increasing employee retention happiness and most importantly, loyalty. Near about 30% of employees have reported leaving a job as it did not provide them flexible working options. One of the biggest benefits of remote work is that it offers a flexible schedule of work. Employees are said to be more loyal; if they get flexible working time. Remote workers are being offered a high level of work flexibility and that gives us another major reason for shifting to remote works.

Remote Work reduces Cost

Staffing and recruiting companies have also found that remote work has reduced the overall cost. The travelling cost and the miscellaneous cost have been reduced with the increase in remote work. 

There is always an allowance cost when you are going to an office. Other than this there are other unnecessary costs, remote work, on the other hand, has reduced such cost. This has also increased the savings of employees. It can also be a reason why most of us demand remote work rather than work from the office. 

Moreover, when we are at home we are consuming healthy and home-cooked food rather than having junk foods. This also has a positive impact on our health. 

Remote Work is at Booming state

There is no doubt that remote work is a booming state. Staffing and recruiting companies have also accepted the fact that remote work is better than working from the office. The workers and the other people will benefit and above all, they will be safe during this pandemic. We cannot stake a person’s life, it is better to go for remote work than work in an office. 

HR is collaborating with various tools to take online meetings. The whole hiring process is going online in this situation if there is a pandemic. Will there be an end of Covid? We don’t know when this situation will end completely. 

Day by day the cases are increasing, the first wave has affected the lives of so many workers. We were all digesting it and suddenly we were hit with the second wave of Covid. Soon there will be a third wave of Covid. It will be safe if the staffing company resumes with remote work. 

All a company needs is excellent hiring tools for hiring experienced and desiring candidates. The process starts with selecting the right candidates, then taking their interviews whether they are eligible for the post or not.

All this process can either be telephonic or online in Google Meet or Zoom call. Apart from these tools, recruiting companies have set up their tools. When the interview is over, the selected candidates can now discuss their salary over the telephone. The work can start from the very next day leading to an increase in the froth of the company. 

Summing up

As we can see the number of cases of Covid is increasing, it is better to work remotely. With all these positive reports it is quite sure that employees and companies will be more benefited with remote works. Staffing and recruiting companies say that the desire for remote work is also increasing and remote hiring is here to stay as long as there is the situation of Covid. 

Hope this blog is helpful for you. 

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