There has been a lot of discussion gone around the fact that the candidate must be well groomed for the interview and during first days of his or her work for the best of first impression creation. Right from the dressing tips to communication pointers, many experts have talked about this topic in detail. But interestingly, there is another side of the coin as well. It is not only from the candidate end, but the employer also needs to create a positive impression about the work culture and organization as a whole. According to recent published sources, 25% of the employees leave their jobs during the first 60 days of their joining. Hence, creating an employer impression significantly contributes towards motivation of the new employee and better retention rates in the long run. The first step towards this approach is the on boarding process. Mostly it has been seen that fresh recruits sit through the on boarding program with a stiffness or in complete cluelessness. This needs to be addressed with utmost attention and concern. The on boarding process should be remodeled or revamped according to the needs of the current trends. Following are a few pointers for the same.

  • The simplification of the entire on boarding process is the first initiative that any organization must take to address this concern. The experience of the on boarding should be kept simple yet enjoyable at the same time. Instead of a classroom lecture environment, it should be interactive and fun to view at the same. There should a simple feedback system as well for enhancing the process in due time.

  • Building connections is the second measure that can be taken towards new recruiters. Using various social media platforms, getting to know about the new recruits and interacting with them makes them feel at ease and unwanted stressful situations are evaded. Building up early relationships and passing on certain information about the organization goes a long way in creating a healthy professional relationship.

  • Often it has been seen that a lot of confusions arise while filling up forms and providing and gathering information. These cause unwanted friction and hassle for the fresh recruit. So, the HRMS system should be capable of eliminating repetitive data entry and ensure smooth flow of information for avoiding any confusion.

  • The last initiative in this segment is the mobile based approach. There has been rapid increase in the smartphone usage in recent years due to affordable options and better mobile internet connections. This has resulted in all time connectivity and on the go, attitude of the people. Right from entertainment to shopping to information sharing, everything is possible on smartphone. This can be put to use in case of filling out forms during the on boarding process which reduces the time associated with it in the most effective manner. The fresh recruit also feels comfortable with the process.

The on boarding is the first step of the new employee in the organization. Making it memorable is an initial step towards retention of that employee.

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