Struggling to identify and hire such potential candidates is a drawback that can prove as a strategically advantage for competitors. Board search specialist hiring consultants can bridge the gap of knowledge and bring expertise of hiring of higher level management positions. Hiring for such important positions is challenging but with a clear path to progress, right leaders are easy to find. Here are some of the interview tips to include while selecting board members:

It’s Challenging and Way More Than Just Filling Slots

Hiring junior level employees is comparatively easy than hiring leaders for the organization. Board members having skill sets and perspectives that align with client’s corporate house motto is not easy. The quintessential area of interview question should match with the organization’s strategies, goals, and needs. Furthermore, the interview should extract the potential not just for present, but for the future.

It’s Recruiting a Great Individual Capable of Influencing across the Board

Board search is indeed an intense recruiting in terms of finding a perfect match with right blend of skill sets and expertise. However, these are just prerequisite to qualify the interview. The candidate is also judged for diverse perspectives and spheres of influence that he/she can create as the board member. From fundraising to enforcing discipline and implementation of planning, there is lot that is expected from board member.

It’s Selecting a Candidate beyond Good or Bad Fit

The role and responsibilities of board members are well defined and expectations are already set. Applications and screening processes at different level evaluates the candidates for criteria and process. Although, without taking a drill on simpler questions may churn out real potential of profile. For example, simply ask them to elaborate reasons behind the statement ‘this is a great organization’. This will give you an idea what benefits that the candidate wants to gain by selling his/her time or energy to you.

Along with it some other points that can become the decision maker include the fundraising experience and ease of doing it. The strategic thinking and experience should be evaluated that could be the advantage for the organization.

There should not be any potential conflicts of interest and a good fit should have more than monetary benefits of working with your organization.

GlobalHunt Takeaway

Finding a board member is not a one-time exercise! As a board search agency GlobalHunt believes in building long-term relationship with candidate and client both. Thus, the thought process of recruiting board member should be to fill up the best fit and not just filling up one-person gap right now! Recruitment process meant to develop in such manner that it can provide worthy resumes for screening process directly for board search. It’s a basic to follow while hiring candidates for such a responsible position. Choosing the right candidate is important!

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