India has the highest number of young workers in a company. Fresh and new talent is constantly coming up and the advantage the company with new innovative ideas and energetic mindset. Young people are enthusiastic, dynamic and more dedicated to achieving their goals in time because they want fast success and salary growth. The young generation is not only optimists and passionate about their work but they are also flexible and versatile in nature. The young generation tries to excel in their job profile and they also know how to do a work efficiently in that too fast.

It is true that the majority of the working population in our country is young but the changing market trends and major competition demands recruitment and presence of the older generation also. There are various advantages of hiring workers from the older generation. You can have a look at the following points to get a brief idea about the advantages of hiring people from the older generation in your company.

  • They are punctual-Most people of the older generation are regular and punctual. This quality of theirs will allow them to arrive at work regularly and that too in time.

  • They are the honest-Another major benefit of having employees from the older generation at a workplace is the fact that they are honest. They know no shortcuts and they work with a lot of integrity. This makes them more trustworthy.

  • Focused and detail-oriented- An advantage of having employees who belong to the older generation is they are more focused and detail oriented.

  • More Experienced-One of the prime benefits of hiring people from the older generation at a workplace is their experience will advantage your organization. They are in their particular domain for a long period of time and they have adequate knowledge in that field. So, this makes them an asset to your company.

  • They are more matured and are good listeners-Employees from the older generation are more matured and they handle the work-related problems easily. They are also good listeners which make them easier to train.

However, your company must also hire new employees. The various advantages of hiring new generation employees are as follows;

  • They are very optimistic and develop a positive attitude towards work. They build a healthy rapport with their team to understand their job role.

  • High productivity-Young employees try to excel in their job roles because they want to build their career and they want to be paid off well for their excellent performance.

  • They are tech savvy and they know easier and smarter ways to get a job done in much less time.

  • They adopt the work environment very easily and they are also very fast learners.

Now that you are clear about the benefits of hiring employees from both the new and old generations, you must make sure that your organization has a balance of employees belonging to both generations. The experience of the older generations and the energy and fresh innovative ideas of the new generation will make your company a huge success. But, it is very vital for the HR of your company to understand the market trends and your company’s needs and demands. After analyzing everything the HR must decide on how he will bring a balance in hiring employees from both the new and old generation in such a way that it will add more to the profit-earning motive of your company.

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