Dressing creates a strong impression for individuals in the corporate environment. However many are unaware about the business style of dressing in recent times. There are a lot of options available in the fashion segment. Moreover, the world has moved over the strict business attire definition. It is more on the side of business casuals. There are a lot of options trending in the market for both men and women which can be played around with for assembling a sophisticated yet trendy outfit.

For Women

  • In case of dressing, undoubtedly women have a lot of options to play around with. For the bottom wear, pencil skirts and formal yet classy trousers can be a good option. It can be paired with various semi casual shirts and tops which go well with the bottom wear. The choice of color should be pastel shades. They are safest yet stylish options to choose. Indian wear are also considered business outfits. Sarees and salwar suits are best fit to this category. The pattern should be simple and color should be sober. In case of sarees, it should be pleated at the shoulder for formal wear.

  • If you want to add a touch of style to your outfit, opt for a jacket with a smart collar. It gives you look a perfect edge to stand out. It should be in contrast to the shirt color to make a difference. You can buy certain standard colors such as black, blue and beige that goes well almost any other contrast color.

  • The shoes or sandals should be leather with medium to low heels. Avoid wearing too much of heel as is problematic at times. Remember, you are going to stay long hours at office and too much heels may be painful at times.

  • Always carry a trendy and classy purse instead of a backpack.

  • The makeup should be minimalistic along with trimmed nails and a neat hairstyle.

  • Too much accessory may ruin your look. If you are wearing rings then restrict to one ring per finger at a time.

For Men

  • The market now has many semi formal shirts that can be used as office wear. These are available in smart patterns and looks trendy and street smart at the same time. It can be opted as a preferred upper wear. In contrast to that a dark bottom wear which is also semi formal can be paired with.

  • Men can also opt for a blazer to add a touch of edge to the attire as well as the looks.

  • You should refrain from carrying backpacks to office. A classic leather side bag which also has the option for carrying the laptop can be chosen.

  • Leather shoes are a must if you want to make an impression that lasts long.

  • Refrain from any out bursting hairstyles that’s takes away the attention from your performance to that. It might impact your appraisals in the long run.
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