In India, one of the major factors which drive the economy and the development of any industry is the population. This creates the workforce of any industry domain. But it has been observed that the employ ability quotient is quite low in comparison to the number of students who pass out each year. Currently more than 10,000 educational institutes are there in the country from which over 4 million students graduate each year and take a step towards starting their career by looking for suitable job opportunities. But still there are many who are not able to get past the selection process for the employment. There are certain significant reasons for that.

  • Firstly, the college admission process is not very reliable these days as the number of seats is more than the number of students. This results in random admissions. For instance, the students are given waive off in the tuition fees to a certain extent to attract them for admission. In some other cases, some students pay hefty donations in order to get in to institutions. In both cases, there are students who are not at all qualified for the position to get in to the system.

  • Secondly, the student background and minimum eligibility criteria are not evaluated. Due to absence of some parameters or due to admission by donation, the true capability of the candidate remains blurred. In most cases, the major setback comes in the English communication area which is the basic requirement to get past the screening process. Also some of them do not have the minimum cut off scores in board exams for appearing in the screening tests.

  • The college management sometime lacks the expertise of student handling and grooming. This is due to the functional background, the management people come from. If they previously belonged to some other industry domain then it results in lack of knowledge.

  • Lastly, the selection process understanding is very low among students. The first round of selection process is either aptitude test or group discussions. Students who are good at technical skills sometimes lack communication skills which results in eliminations.

In order to cope up in such areas, the placement consultants come in. Placement consultants are responsible for primary grooming and delivering awareness among students regarding the hiring process. They provide the initial knowledge towards presentation of capabilities and technical skills in a professional manner. They are responsible for connecting the employers and colleges for the recruitment process. Hence the placement consultants play a key role towards the recruitment and employment perspective of the country.