Finding a satisfactory job has become a tough task. The competition with large available talent pool sometimes makes it really difficult to land up in your dream job. At times you wonder, what made that person get attracted to the right job? Why the hiring mangers did locate him or her and not you?

Well one of the answer do these question could be your social profile. Yes, quality social profiling is one necessary step which every job seeker needs to do right away. Today social media profiles have become important tool to preliminary access an individual personality and overall industry expertise. Hence it is essential that in the first source of candidate search your profile is ranked among the best. So here are some tips to improve your social profile.

1. It all starts with a picture

Ofcourse, a picture does matter even if it is a small one. The first thing while searching candidate a placement consultant will look is your physical appearance. Hence it is very important that you get away from your pictures that have a younger version of you or you in sunglasses, even a quirky background can make a mistake. Therefore it is recommended that a clear recent picture in a professional attire with clean background needs to be added.

2. Add an interesting background photo

The second visual which attracts the right hiring people is your background picture. Hence it is suggested that go for a background image that gives an insight about your expertise, your work area of interest and currently your work profile. Moreover interesting quotes about your personality can retain the correct people

3. Open to new opportunities

Be clear. You are looking for a job change. Hence in your profile mention that you exploring new opportunities. Here you can include what profile and location you are interested in so that a talent acquisition manager exactly knows what might interest you.

4. Location

The next important thing to mention in your profile is location because at times organizations are looking for candidates from a specific location. Also be clear whether you are open for a location change or not. Here there should not be any confusion on your location transition as it is a waste of both yours and recruiter’s energy.

5. Speak about yourself

It is your profile and you need to speak up. Write what you do, what do you want to do further, what are your work interests, what have you achieved or excelled in and how you want to contribute professionally. Don’t exceed or limit yourself. Keep it in the best terms with correct words and length.

6. Include the Right Skills

Next comes your skills, the most important section of your profile. Look for the most searched keywords in your field and add them to your profile. This will help in bringing your profile up the candidates list. Add your expertise, the project & skills you know and have worked on. Talk about things which you have created and how organization you have worked with have benefitted from your work. Try to make it as clear and simple as you can so that at the first instance any recruiter can understand you and your work.

All the best in your job search.

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