Organizational behaviour refers to the study or research of interaction between people within groups or in an organization. This type of research or study is usually conducted to make an attempt to create a well stimulated organizational structure and environment. It is a scientific approach which can be effectively utilized for workforce management in a proper manner. It usually has three different levels which are

  • Micro level which takes place among individuals within an organization
  • Meso level taking place between work groups
  • Macro level which is how an organization behaves as a whole.

The concept of organizational behaviour is based on two important elements. They are nature of people and nature of the organization. Both these elements have their own characteristics.

Nature of people

Factors impacting this element are as follows

  • Individual approach is the primary aspect of this element. In this a thumb rule is followed wherein a manager or supervisor approaches each and every team member individually. This approach helps in eliminating any biasness within the structure.
  • Perception is build up based on the observation, listening to the individual and deriving a conclusion based on first two pointers. It is the logical interpretation of a behavioural pattern.
  • Determining the personal traits based on the entire behavioural pattern is essential in this case. Only judging a person based on a technical skill is not enough to evaluate the capabilities of that person. It is important to evaluate other elements such as soft skills, problem solving and other traits.
  • Self motivating individuals are a big plus to any team. These people not only put in their complete effort in to each task, they also motivate others within the team.
  • Value of a person should be determined in terms of skill set, contribution and professionalism.

Nature of organization

Characteristics of this element are as follows.

  • The social system of every organization forms the basic foundation of this element. It is the approach of social connections of a company with other firms. It is usually divided in to two types, formal and informal. Formal communication is related to official celebrations and club meetings. Informal ones are mostly basic interaction between groups of people.
  • Mutual interest is another element of necessity under this case. It is evident that an organization needs human resources to survive and people need organizations to flourish and cater to career growth. This understanding on both sides is considered as mutual interest. This helps both the parties to reach their respective goals in a systematic and profitable manner which is stable and long term.
  • Ethics is one of the key aspects of organizational nature. While it is very important to strategise on revenue generation and business expansion, it should not be channelized through illegal practices. It might seem profitable at first but in the long run it slows down the progress and ultimately may result in a complete loss.

Organizational behaviour is the combination of above elements that keep the corporate structure stable and smoothly functional.

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