Motivation at work does no last for long. No matter how hard we try there are situations which challenge us and reduce our interest towards work. However as the famous saying goes “People often say that motivation does not last. Well, neither does bathing-that’s why we recommend it daily” we need to understand that our motivation is our part; whether we keep it or lose it is our own decision. So what’s the routine of keeping up the daily motivation?

  1. Learn a new skill

To keep up the interest understand what other areas, job and work surround your work. Whether it’s marketing, financing, data research or reporting try to interact with the people working on the interrelated functions and grasp the existing function skills. This will help in learning not only a new skill but also assist in contributing efficiently to the work you are doing and when you do good you feel good.

  1. Do not drain yourself

Realize the importance of team work. By keeping things to yourself you are mentally and physically draining yourself. Divide the work within teams accordingly. Even if team work is not possible then divide your work priority or day wise. A calendar helps you keep things in control. When some things are beyond your control; then accept them. As, it is always advised to train your mind to see positive in negative situations.

  1. Switch off for few minutes

At times when things are not going as per your plan the best solution is to switch off. Take a time off to do things that helps you in getting relaxed even if it means listening to 15 minutes music or getting up from your seat and going out for a walk. Small activities will help in breaking your mental and physical work that is disturbing you and closing your mind to think possible solutions. As time will not remain the same forever

  1. Start your day without anxiety

Start your day at work by planning possible solutions you can work on than thinking what wrong has been done. By thinking bad work cases and situations or even bosses you create anxiety within your own behaviour. The best recommend remedy is to first observe where the problem is, than blaming understand what your role has been and look for a solution that you can offer to your own problem. With this things does not get easier but you get better

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