Workplace politics has become quite common these days. Especially when a group of employees work together conflicts are bound to happen. Competition at work place, appraisals, impressing the bosses are certain reasons why politics in organizations have become so common these days. According to a survey a third of employees fear going to the workplace because of their co-workers. Dealing with work place politics is extremely important to ensure a healthy work culture. You can have a look at the following points to get an idea about the various ways you can deal with workplace politics.

  • Study the organization chart- Office politics are often dependant on the organizational structure of a company. So to deal with workplace politics, you need to understand the organizational structure very well. This will help you understand who are the influencers and the ones in authority.

  • Understanding the informal network- Another important factor while dealing with workplace politics is you must understand the informal network well. Try examines what kind of a rapport the employees share with each other. See who gets along with whom, take a close look on how people get along with each other in office gatherings.

  • Try building connections- After being sure about the organizational structure; build your own connections within your office. Interact with employees, try and understand their needs and problems. Try being friendly and impartial.

  • Change the culture from within- Another way to deal with workplace politics is changing the work culture from within. Try identifying the problems and issues and solve them. Promote team work and harmony among the employees. Dealing with work place politics is not an easy job. You have to make changes in the work culture from within and then only you will be able to make the work culture of your organization healthy.

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