Keeping up with the trend and overcoming challenges in business is a laborious task. The work environment changes rapidly and the only way to be on the top of the trend is by developing sophisticated strategies, creating innovative business models and detailed planning.

Recently, we have seen that there have been studies showing that a multi generational workforce in an organization is a lot more advantageous and productive. However, maintaining such a diverse workforce is a challenge for the organizations. But, looking at the benefits of this kind of workforce mix, more and more organizations are trying to adopt the trend. In countries, with a big population, such as  India, witnessing a multi generational workforce mix is inevitable.

Some of the advantages of such a workplace are:

  1. Businesses with both old and young generations are in a better position to tackle the competitive market because they have ideas coming from people of different age and experience.
  2. Organizations with a mixed population are also capable of reinventing their business according to the fast-moving economy.
  3. Such companies enjoy a financial benefit because retaining the older employees reduces the cost of appointing a new one.
  4. Older employees can give insights based on their experience and younger employees can reduce monotony.

Looking at the benefits that workforce mix provides, there is no doubt about it being a better option. A multi generational workforce is more vibrant and enjoys generational intelligence.

However, a lot of planning is required to maintain a balance in such a work environment. HR professionals need to be innovative in their approach. Some of the ways to balance a multi generational workforce are:

  1. Employees should not be labelled on the basis of their age. Each and every employee has something unique to contribute to the company. Work done by the employee is more important rather than his/her age. So, age discrimination should be banished in order to remove unwanted bias.
  2. Employees should be rewarded and appreciated on the basis of their work and experience. Each and every person craves for appreciation. Informal long service awards, innovative idea awards, loyalty awards can go a long way in keeping the employees motivated.
  3. Each and every generation should be respected. Though each person’s ideas differ, they must be respected and acknowledged.
  4. The environment of the organization must be open and frank. Each and every generation must mingle with one another and share their deep insights as well as fresh ideas.
  5. The employees should be encouraged to look for commonalities in each other rather than the difference. This will automatically help them to praise each other and develop a close bond.

Though the tips given above look as simple as general lifestyle tips, they are difficult to adopt if the people in a workplace are not counseled properly. Therefore, it is the job of an HR to see that there is a complete harmony in the office environment.

Few ways in which an HR can do this are:

  1. Setting up age diversity training in the office.
  2. There should be proper cross-generation mentoring.
  3. Creating an environment where each employee has a chance to learn from each other.
  4. Giving informal mentoring opportunities to the employees.

Managing such a workforce effectively depends on the foresightedness of an HR professional. If properly handled, multi generational workforce can prove to be a boon for organizations.

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