Business case examples largely expressing an organization’s methodology adopted towards a challenging issue such as attracting new community of consumers, tackling internal conflict situations for productivity or technology engagement for better services are largely discussed during client briefing or public forums. The marketing and communication team of organizations extensively develop on the concept so as to create a dialogue of self-achievement among clients, competitors and consumers. These case studies also help in attracting new business and creating a positive brand image with society.

The process of business case story telling can also be incorporated as an internal tool for seeking solutions and finding new ways of doing things. The HR department in collaboration with the communication team can create a bank or select potential cases of business that the organization have faced and the methodology adopted at that time for self-reflection. These case studies can be further shared with aligning teams and a point of discussion can be formulated where employees as team and individual can contribute towards the situational analysis, potential areas of challenge and sustainable way forward from each difficult area.

This as a part of learning & development can be a winning situation for both the company and employee. As for the company it is an opportunity to look at the same challenge from diverse perspective and a new vision of possibility towards the problem. While for an employee this mean building constructive approach and implementation plan against a futuristic difficult situation and also enhancing critical thinking at personal level.

Hence business case story telling can prove to be influential in internal operations where from time to time companies can build on their past strategies and look for enhanced solutions by re-working on the same problem and develop effective implementation plans.

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