The uncertain times have made us realize once again that ‘Change in Constant’. The need of the hour is to identify techniques, processes and skills that adapt themselves easily with the change. Long term organizational goal has shifted from upscaling or reskilling to workers’ resilience where recruitment companies are on a search for people that bring the flexibility to reinvent themselves at any point of time.

    But this process is not going to be easy because today businesses are on their own way of transformation where they are internally looking for reinvention in respect to their product & service line, scope of customer continuity & satisfaction, the culture to create & promote and most importantly their role as a social contributor. 

    Imagination is the new form of production, where entrepreneurship combined with innovation & emotional intelligence is being looked as people skills. Companies need those talent that are equipped to sail the boat through their own sense of decision making. 

    That is way today companies while hiring are considering skills as secondary and looking for capabilities where a candidate can develop roles for multiple positions and adjust as per future demands. Moreover the capacity building programs are being realigned to the space where the worker is being projected as an explorer who wants to overcome the challenges of unseen future.

    Also the Hr managers are on a task of creating a culture where each and every employee from bottom to top are aligned with their role within the system as an economic, internal or social stakeholder.

    In the long term organizations have to offer solutions & systems that addresses the continuity & sustainability of business and also engage people with caliber that create a resilience around business practice. As future has become today.