Employees are the most important part of an organization and hence the recruitment process is extremely important. While hiring employees you must keep in mind that the employees represent a particular organization and hence must be hired according to the needs of the company. You can have a look at the following points to get a clear idea about the various advantages of an efficient and well-planned recruitment process in an organization.

In the last 20 years, the role of HR has grown very rapidly. In earlier days the role of HR was confined to recruitment only. The HR’s work was related to paying cheques and leaves. The modern-day complexity of an organization has changed the role of an HR in a company and their role is not only about recruitment process outsourcing. Now, their work is not only related to recruitment but they handle a large number of issues related to the management of a company. The employees are the most vital part of a company. Thus, it is very important for the employers to maintain a healthy relationship with the workers of the organization. The HR does this on the behalf of the employers. They are specially trained to take care of the needs and demands of the employees in an organization so that they get adequate job satisfaction.

There are various debates on the whether to disturb employees during their office hours.There are various advantages of employer-employee time boundary. You can have a look at the following points to get an idea about its benefits.

  • It will boost the productivity of the employees-If an HR builds a strong connection with the employees, it will help them feel comfortable within the workplace. Not disturbing the employee during work hours will increase the efficiency of the workers and motivate them to work harder to achieve their goals.

  • Resolve conflict easily-Many times there are conflicts between employees or between the employees and the employers. The HR will be able to solve the conflict very easily if he maintains a strong rapport with the employees. Not disturbing the employees during working hours will also prevent additional conflicts.

  • Ensure transparency-Maintaining the employer-employee time boundary will ensure transparency in your organization. The workers will easily be able to approach the HR the company and talk about their problems, needs and demands. On the other hand, the HR will also be able to convey to the workers about the company’s policies, its changing needs from time to time. They will also be able to discuss the quality of performance with the employees and advise them about the things that they need to work on.

  • Make the organization a happier place to work in-The work culture of an organization also depends on the kind of rapport the HR shares with the employees. An organization where the HR and the employees have a strong connection will always be a happier and healthier place to work in.

  • Reduce attrition rates-Having a good rapport with the employees will also reduce the attrition rates in an organization. If the employee shares a healthy connection with the HR, they will easily be able to talk with the employees about various issues and problems that they are facing. The HR would take into account the problems and solve them accordingly to make sure that the employee is happy. The HR will also review the performance of the individual workers from time to time and revise their salaries. This will provide greater job satisfaction among the employees and will help the particular organization to retain employees for a longer period of time. Maintaining the employer-employee time boundary will also help you retain employees for a longer period of time.

Now that you are clear about the reasons about why the employer-employee time boundary is beneficial for your organization, try and build a strong rapport with the employees of your organization to increase the efficiency of the employees.