Are you planning to expand your HR department just because you need more people to look after recruitment?

 Is yours a small organization that needs support to build a brand?

Is yours an organization that needs to hire continuously because you are up-sizing?

Manpower placement are able to recruit better candidates- Yes, this is a fact. These agencies not only have a huge data of skilled candidates, but they also keep a track of all good candidates, their career growth and their skills. A unique thing that increases their efficiency significantly is the fact that they not only approach the candidates who are looking for a job change, but also them who might be convinced for a job change if they get a good offer. With their multi-directional approach, these agencies are able to find a candidate who can work efficiently and can also remain associated with the organization for a longer time.

  1. They help in saving a lot of time of the organization– Recruitment is a time-consuming process. The screening, selection, interview, negotiation and background check take a considerably long time. Therefore, outsourcing it to a manpower placement agency can help to drastically save time and energy. It’s not that the recruitment agencies complete the placement in a jiffy, but because they are experts in their field and have a lot of experience, they can surely finish the recruitment process in comparatively lesser time with more accurate results.

  2. They help in the interviewing of candidates– Once the manpower placement agencies understand the needs of the clients and their work culture, they are in a better position to help them with the interview process. In fact, the initial interview over the phone or skype is initiated by them and if the candidate looks promising, further interviews are arranged. During the other interviews also, the agencies might guide the clients about how to go about with the recruitment process and what are the best questions to ask the prospective candidates.

  3. They help in saving a lot of money– Most of the organizations do not hire a manpower placement agency for the fear of the high cost, but the truth is that these agencies can actually help in saving the money of an organization. It reduces the cost of hiring a huge HR department, it also reduces the cost of lengthy recruitment procedures and since the candidates recruited by the experts are exceptional, they add to the growth of an organization in a very short time

  4. They help the employer to build its brand– Brands are not built in a day. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to build a brand. A manpower placement agency can provide skilled candidates who can help an organization to gain reputation by their exceptional input. The agencies can also provide insights that can help in the growth of the organization at a much faster rate.