People, work and organizations grow. Diverse organizations work on varied products, services, technologies and solutions and this is achieved through the right people who are working on them. Did we say right people?

During manpower recruitment candidates are assessed as right people on their core competencies inclusive of learnt & worked skills, experience in worked skills, industry or industries with whom an individual had an association and not to forget the geography with other long list of selection criteria’s. But the criteria which has gained revamped importance is selection of “People with Cultural Fitment” (PwCF).

The word PwCF has always been present and has been an area of concern for resource manager as to whether a person being selected or is in the process of selection is culturally fit. Earlier cultural fitment assessment was more on HR’s guess and ability test work. However today technology intervention has made cultural fitment assessment easier and lot more effective.

But as we say that human are the drivers of technology so this increases the requisites for a human resource management department to make post PwCF on-boarding in organization they re-brush them from time to time the company cultural values. This is very essential because when you enroll an individual you foresee that person’s long lasting presence and commitment and if that person leaves within a short span or does not integrate the organizational values within work practices then some of the blunders happens.

To control this it’s imperative that we just don’t align new entrants about the cultural fitment but before that we assess among the existing lot of employees who is culturally fit and till what level. Short but in-depth employee knowledge and satisfaction survey through technology can be captured which can further assist companies to identify which lot falls under the category of PwCF and who all require further up-gradation on organizational values and culture.

Existing employees can act as potential brand ambassadors and promote the right work behavior within office space and technology can be the tool for this.