Artificial intelligence (AI) learning did not advance much in the field of HR as it did in the fields of marketing, healthcare or communications. But currently the advances in algorithms in forecasting employee attrition is helping AI learning to make a mark in the field of HR. 

AI learning helps executives and managers draw out insights and inferences from the changing business environment faster than any human. 

Current AI Learning in HR Application

Some of the AI applications that are widely used currently by most of the companies are listed below:

Application Tracking and Assessment

This application is used mostly by recruiters for job roles which receive bulk job application. It helps in streamlining the search from the numerous job application received and proceed further with the interview process faster. AI learning tools aid HR managers track the performance of a particular job seeker through the entire interview process and then decide on their selection. 

There are tools that help managers calculate the fit score of a job seeker and combine digital screening and interview results to determine the hiring decision. HR departments are using algorithmic based assessments to avert any biases in the process of selection.

Talent Attraction

Talent attraction is also seeing a rise in use of AI based application system. The most common example of such a tool is LinkedIn which use basic AI learning system for recommending jobs to candidates. The job finding websites use AI algorithms to map jobs with the right candidates streamlining  the search system for candidates and recruiters.

Detecting Attrition 

All HR executives face the challenge of identifying the reason behind employees leaving the organizations. It is nearly impossible for them to take into consideration all the variables that affect attrition rate. But with the help of AI algorithms this can be determined at ease. Companies are even using such algorithms to survey employee behavior and identify a rogue employee before any mishap happens in the organization. 

Skill Management and Performance Development

Skill development of the employees is essential for the companies to flourish and meet the needs of changing business scenario. The HR department has the responsibility to identify the various training needs for the employees. The need varies depending on the job role, designation and changing technology. AI algorithms play an important role here by helping the HR determining the training needs of the employees. Providing a scope for self-development to the employees the companies can retain them for a longer tenure and also help them flourish. 

It is thus evident that AI learning is essential presently for an effective HR application development.

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