The duty of a recruitment consultant is to find the best candidate for the employers as their clients. It will help the employers to find the best candidate for the available job position and it will actually help both the parties to come in coordination for a transparent job market. A consultant plays an important role to balance and coordinate the interview for them. This expert works really hard to arrange the interview for the desired candidate for the clients. Various companies have different formats of interview and you should follow the same if you have an eye on that desired job position.

One interview format is Group Interview after the written test. This is the section where your presence of mind, communication skill and cooperation with other candidates are judged. So, here are 5 essential mistakes that you need to avoid to perform the best:

  1. It is always good to start a communication, but you should know when to stop and let others to speak. If you speak too much, then there is high chance that you will go off topic and lose your points. It is really bad for the candidate which will create a negative impression in the minds of the employers.

  2. Keeping your mouth shut completely is again a negative point. When you are in group discussion, you should at least speak on some valid points even if you have only vague knowledge on the topic. Going silent will show your negative side rather speak some points without any hesitation.

  3. It is not good if your not interactive. You should always give space to your fellow mates so that they can keep their valid points. Always welcome criticize comments and keep your attitude and mind open so that you can enjoy the debate discussion and learn something from the group discussion.

  4. Work on your pitch, tone, pronunciation and be polite and firm in your approach and points. Discussion does not mean you have to shout loud to make yourself heard.

  5. Ignorance is not a bliss in group discussion. Keep yourself update with common topics in advance so that you do not act dumb in the group discussion.

So, you should always keep in mind these 5 above points to avoid the mistakes and perform good to best in the group discussion. When placement firm scheduled your interview with employer, it is better to research the background of the company so that you prepare yourself for the interview in a confident way.